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How To Get The Best Psychic Reading This Valentine’s Day

How To Get The Best Psychic Reading This Valentine’s Day

Let me help you receive the BEST relationship reading this Valentines season!   Did you know that how you prepare for a psychic reading or healing is almost as important as how your facilitator prepares for the session? Yes the alchemy of healing and channeled guidance is actually a TWO way process- not a one way process. A reader can only help you to the extent that you are open to them too. If you feel closed off and a sense of mistrust even before booking in- your reading will most likely be a very bad experience for you.


Before and after booking in for a psychic reading or energy healing, here are some preparations and integration after care I would recommend:

* Taking the time and space to ease into a session with some quiet reflection time before and afterwards.

* Use your intuition to find a facilitator who feels genuine, grounded, experienced and who you resonate with.

* Let go of expectations of what you have experienced in the past with “other psychics” and “healers” as everybody has their own style and wealth of experience. It is not productive to come to a session saying “Oh but the last psychic said…”. If you have found someone who is a great psychic or healer- great! Why not stick with them on an ongoing basis?

* A psychic reading or healing can give us a glimpse into the best possible outcome of a situation, but it is up to us to be committed and disciplined to our healing and empowerment to make these changes happen. A psychic reading can’t guarantee that we will get a job, new relationship etc. We need to take the reins of life into our own hands and commit to making our dreams come true.

* Do not withhold vital information such as your person of interest being married or contact is currently blocked. Trying to “test” your reader will only distort your messages and result in an uncomfortable situation for all. For the best value and most efficiency with time in your reading- ask clear, specific questions with a sincere intention.

* Avoid alcohol, marijuana and other mind-altering substances before a reading. Often the “hangover” can make our problems feel so much worse than they are and put us in a mindset where it feels difficult to have hope. Mind altering substances can affect our interpretation of a reading- even the good news!

I am available daily at Psychictxt for live chat and text readings and I am very looking forward to reading from you soon. ~Carol