Independence Day

Independence Day

July 4 is Independence Day, the day that the USA celebrates its birthday. It is also around the time that the Sun meets with the highly mystical star, Sirius.

When Sirius and the Sun meet around the 3th-7th of July every year, the energy of Sirius is believed to become highly potent and influence planet earth on a much more so significant level. 

Which is the time to start you’re own journey into spiritual well-being. Through the 3rd and 7th of July. It’s a time to write out anything that has come to mind that you are wanting to change start with daily positive affirmations.

You’re own energy is going to be also at the highest and spiritual level a perfect time to manifest good positive energy and emotions and things you want to change before the month of August. 

4th of July is a time to celebrate and be with friends and family. And also about reconnecting to you’re higher spiritual energy. 

It’s the birth of America but it’s also a time for you to meditate, pray and take some time for yourself with friends and family. 

We are halfway through the year and this is the best time now to let go and move forward and start your journey for the rest of this year. I definitely wouldn’t wait don’t keep procrastinating! The 4th of July is a perfect time. To renew and start fresh with new energy and a positive perspective.

Move forward in life and in you’re future. And don’t wait for the time to pass.

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