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Is It Time To Emerge?

09 Nov 2016, by psychictxt in Spirituality

Spirutal-EmergenceAfter months of political battles here in the states and a decision that has left many feeling unsure, it has become a pivotal time  in our existence. It has become a time where we we all need to start putting focus back into ourselves to ensure we stay true to who we are and true to our own personal visions. When we do what we love and follow our heart, we spread our own unique magic across the world and touch everyone in a spiritual way. Not only does this help inspire others to do the same, it also helps to shift the global vibration in a positive way and provide everyone with a sense of purpose and peace. 




For me, I can remember sitting down for hours at a time and squeezing every ounce of my heart onto paper. I can also remember the visions. There were purple suns, moonlight strolls along the most majestic beaches, enlightened journeys to the top of the highest and most opulent mountains, and even visions where I was given the pleasure of watching the forlorn finally break free from their own chains.  There were never any requirements or a need to gain exposure. It was for the love of it, nothing more. It didn’t matter if it was great. It didn’t matter if it topped some chart and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought of it. It was a release, a method of expression that bled with my own passion, and a true voice that produced messages aimed at both self and anyone who needed to hear. It was fulfilling and life was exactly as it should have been.

It’s easy to slip; I know I did. It’s easy to fall into a competitive trap where your heart takes a step backwards and allows ego to lead the way. It’s easy to get lost in your own logical mind and ignore every instinctual impulse no matter how much they beg to be heard.  It then becomes even easier to set self aside and become what others expect you to be. The real challenge is becoming who you were meant to be. With all the changes going on in the world, it’s up to each of us to look in deep in and start right now. We have to put ourselves to the test and truly emerge as the unique, beautiful, and special individuals we all are.

It all starts with you and your complete trust in self. While there are countless others ready to shout down at you from the top of their own mountains and tell you how to live your life, it’s my belief that you will always be your own best teacher and guide.  You’ll learn to dive in; you’ll learn to get to that place where conscious thought drifts to sleep and where raw emotion willingly unlocks every door. It’s where you will find yourself and where genuine understanding begins. While I also believe that we should all learn, share, and grow from each other as well, let’s ensure those teachings are compelling, authentic, and something we truly feel drawn to. Your heart will know the way.  Listen to it, follow it.

As soon as we let go, it’s as simple as knowing that our deepest emotions speak the greatest of truths. As soon as we push forward, it’s as simple as remembering to follow everything that entices our hearts to passionately beat. That is where real inspiration is found and exactly where you’ll discover your way.  Simply feel and trust that inner rhythmic dance, cast all fear aside, and allow yourself to finally emerge and become everything you always knew you could be.




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