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Is This Relationship Right For You?

Is This Relationship Right For You?

how-to-know-when-to-end-a-relationshipWe’ve talked in the past about how only complaining can keep you stuck in relationships that aren’t healthy for you, but there are other factors you should take notice of too. We all know that no relationship will ever be perfect and it’s clear that all of them will require some level of compromise, but if something feels off or if you feel like you are always climbing up a hill to make things work, then it may be time to evaluate once again. Evaluating doesn’t necessarily mean that your situation is grim, but a simple reality check will also help you make sure you stay on the right path for yourself.

Are You Doing All Of The Work?

Are you the one making all the calls? Do you always initiate the conversation? Do you find yourself talking only about what interests the other person rather than sharing your own goals and dreams? If so, then you could be involved in a very lopsided situation which can easily take a toll on both your mind and heart. Your mind will spiral out of control and you will feel restricted during conversations or feel like what you have to say doesn’t even matter. If left unaddressed, it can even cause you to start questioning your own self worth. No connection is worth this type of feeling. Be proud of who you are and openly communicate whatever comes to your mind. If you aren’t getting anything back from it or if the behavior continues, it may be time to decide if this connection is right for you. When real interest exists, both parties will initiate, both parties will openly communicate with each other, and both will take an active interest in each other’s lives.

Do You Enjoy Your Time Together?

Paying special attention to how you feel when you are around your interest plays an integral role in determining whether or not you are in the right connection. If you feel happy, elated, relaxed, calm and free to be yourself, then your situation is likely a good one. If you feel worried, anxious, and even borderline depressed, then you need to look into this situation further. Of course, there will always be periods where it doesn’t feel perfect, but if you always feel bad, then it may be time to back away. Your own feelings are important. Dive into yourself and determine if these negative feelings are being caused by your current connection or if they are left over fears from past relationships. If your issue is caused by the latter, then work to remove those fears completely, start over, and evaluate again when the time is right.

Are You Looking Forward To The Next Encounter?

If you find yourself looking forward to the next time you get together and looking forward to what all can potentially come of this, then your connection is likely healthy and moving in a proper direction. If you find yourself worrying about what you will say, whether or not you will say the right things, and if you will get noticed more this time, then again, you need to look deeper. It’s possible this connection is only serving to make you feel worse and it is also possible your past is creeping up to haunt you again. As suggested above, first take a look at yourself and determine whether or not your old fears are sabotaging this new connection. If so, then work to purge those feelings first. If you are simply trying to gain more attention during your time together and are still feeling blown off, then your connection is not healthy and is not worth your time. Don’t hold on by a thread because your ego wants to make something work. Instead, face the reality of the situation and take an action that best suits your own future. There is someone else out there waiting who will be everything you dreamed of.


Taking the time to determine if a connection or relationship is the right relationship for you can be a difficult process. It’s not easy to make a determination after you have put forth so much effort already, but as mentioned in other blog posts, your needs and your desires always need to be a top priority. Sure, we will all sacrifice our needs from time to time, but doing it all the time will leave you feeling directionless and depressed.

If you are dealing with a difficult situation and are experiencing some of the examples listed above, reach out to any one of our trusted psychic advisors. They can look deep into your partner’s life and determine where this connection is going. You deserve peace of mind, so reach out today.