What Is The Job and Career Outlook for 2017?

What Is The Job and Career Outlook for 2017?

17 Predictions of 2017 – Day 11 – What is the Job Outlook for 2017?

The job outlook for 2017 is positive! Whether looking for new positions, or moving up within your career, the universe is ready to assist you in these transitions. There are certain dates, however, which are the most opportune for these types of career changes. Find them below and mark your calendars!

Being a year of one in numerology, 2017 is a year of new beginnings and starting over, taking control of your life and situation. Where you focus your intent, is where your path will follow. However, there are specific times where a job transition would flow the smoothest, and these are during transit times of particular planets. Probably the most well known planetary transit is Mercury Retrograde, which is commonly discussed about outside of astrological groups, as a time bad for making changes, rife with confusion, and an opportunity to focus more on our reflection (which is not an easy task!) But beyond that are the less dramatic planets, such as Jupiter, the planet of luck, knowledge, insight, and associated with Sagittarius. When Jupiter goes direct, this is your “lucky break”! These would be the times to look for a promotion in your work place, or apply for that new job you’ve been eyeing. This occurs in 2017 on June 9th.

Next to look out for would be Uranus, planet of Aquarius, is about change in an direction original and unique outlook. If you’re looking to start your own career, quit your job, do some re-training to further your knowledge and move up…this is the time! Uranus is a very intuitively driven planet, that is good for innovation and invention. New projects are perfect when being influenced by this energy. The transit of Uranus direct won’t show until Jan 2 of 2018, but you can still catch the Uranus energies during the sun entering Aquarius on January 19th.

Finally we reach Pluto, the planet of Scorpio. The planet is all about finding whats beneath the surface, hidden tidbits to aid your career. This would be a breakthrough in your job leading you towards being recognized by your supervisors or co-workers. This also has to do with finding a new job that might have gone overlooked previously during your searches. Pluto energies will fuel your ambition for new pathways, and finding what ultimately lies beneath your surface desires, and directs you towards what you’re “meant” to do. Look for this transit on September 28th.

In personal astrology, the 10th house is the area of career and our place within society. It is also known for “social status”. Depending on the date, time, and place of your birth, you can find out which planets will be entering your 10th house through an astrological chart. If you are familiar with these charts or have one already made for you, you’ll be looking for Jupiter, Uranus, or Pluto within your 10th house during 2017. If you don’t have one, they’re easy enough to draw up (so long as the correct birth information is provided) and get a specific prediction for your new year!

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