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Know About Calculation of Tarot Birth Card

Know About Calculation of Tarot Birth Card

Many people are still unaware of the tarot birth cards. Well, this birth card has special relevance that is based on the date of birth. With this card, you’ll be able to know about life lessons, paths, and many other crucial things. Also, there are birth tarot combos that show certain cards. Let’s understand this with an example.

When you get a strength card, this represents your strong attitude. If you’re getting a Hermit in the tarot card, it represents that you need to learn about solitude. Each of the tarot cards has its own significance and beauty that one needs to understand. If you’re still using a traditional deck, you must consider Major Arcana as the impactful card.

Confused about the calculation of birth cards? Well, by doing some simple calculations with your birth date, you can find out which card is important in terms of messages.

Tarot Birth Card Combination

There are tarot card combinations also that have their separate meaning. Let’s find out about all the possible combinations of birth cards:

Combination of 21 and 3 number tarot card- The World, The Empress

Combination of 14 and 5 number tarot card- Temperance, The Hierophant

Combination of 17 and 8 cards- The Star, Strength

Combination of 19, 10, and 1-The Sun, The Wheel, The Magician

Combination of 12 and 3 tarot cards- The Hanged Man, The Empress

Combination of 10 and 1 card- The Wheel, The Magician

Combination of 16 and 7 tarot cards- The Tower, The Chariot

Steps Of Calculating Tarot Birth Card

Step 1: Start the calculation by breaking the birthday into 4 groups each into 2 digits like this MM + DD + YY + YY

Step 2: Now, you need to add them together which will give you the first birth card. After this, you need to change it into a single digit so that you can know the second birth card.

Step 3: If you’re getting the sum of a 3-digit number, you’ll have to add the first 2 digits with the 3rd one. So, this will be your first birth tarot card. Now, you will have to reduce this number to a single digit to get the second birth card.

The first two digits of the number will be the first card. Now, you’ll get a result of 2 digits. Reduce the 2 digits of the resultant into separate digits to get the 2nd card.


Birth tarot combos are of great importance when it comes to knowing about destiny, success, and achievement. From this blog, you’ll also get to know about the different card combinations. If you have an interest in tarot card reading, consider navigating to the psychic txt.