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Knowing When to Give Space Or Move On

16 Aug 2017, by psychictxt in Empowerment, Love, Psychics, Relationships, Stress Management, Twin Flame

By: Psychic Rhonda

You may have consulted a psychic and have been told to give things time. This to me is a very difficult thing to do especially when going through a rough patch with your partner because it can put you in a state of emotional limbo..feeling as though absence will either push you further apart or make things better. I myself have been given this response and it felt so nonchalant that I didn’t even find the reading useful…I remember thinking, “Well this didn’t help at all”(lol). I wanted an immediate solution and for things to work out RIGHT THEN. You may miss your partner a great deal but if you are told time is needed then there is a good reason why. Psychics are able to see and feel things that you may not be able to tune into when you are emotionally attached to a situation, so it’s important to listen and take heed. Here are a few reasons why a relationship may need space:




  • If tensions are running high it’s only going to intensify conflict. A breather is sometimes needed in order to try again with calmer spirits, clearer head and a softer heart.
  • If you and your partner have begun to get close and due to previous heartbreak the closeness has frightened them and caused them to shut down then time alone is needed in order to sort through their emotions and figure out if they are ready to either move forward and take another chance at love or take things a little slower.
  • Mixed feelings and confusion may also cause withdrawal..if your partner asks, never pressure them, make them feel guilty or make accusations. Most people think better when alone and actually allowing space can sometimes speed up the progress of the relationship. It gives them a sense of comfort knowing that their need for space is respected and this never goes unnoticed.

Those are just a few of the most common reasons that I have experienced when giving readings and I am a firm believer of trusting the process whether it be good or bad because even if things are bad and the circumstances appear impossible to get better, it doesn’t mean that they won’t. This is why us advisors encourage you to remain positive. In some cases they can work out better the second time around. Now, let’s look at some of the signs that it may be time to move forward.

  • ALL COMMUNICATION AND FORMS OF IT HAVE CEASED (Even though space may be requested there should still be some communication between you, maybe not as much but definitely touching base with each other from time to time. If your partner has blocked you from social media or from being able to contact you this may be a sign of them moving on without officially telling you)
  • THEY HAVE BEGAN DATING SOMEONE NEW.(Space is needed to spend time alone so if your partner has rekindled an old flame or is seeing someone new then this tactic was only used as an outlet, again another method to end the relationship unofficially.)
  • NEEDING SPACE HAS BECOME A PATTERN.(If you can never seem to move forward after allowing space but your partner is constantly demanding it conveniently after you initiate contact or question their motives then I consider this a red flag. This is a stalling mechanism in order to avoid the obligation of a relationship or to have the liberty to see other people while still being attached to you.
  • YOUR PARTNER HAS ADMITTED THAT THEY NO LONGER WISH TO CONTINUE THE RELATIONSHIP.(This can be said out of anger but if your partner has mentioned breaking things off numerous times and lacks compassion and no longer puts in the effort or moved out of your current shared dwelling then you should begin detaching yourself and not expect reconciliation. Now there are times when people get back together after this has been stated but don’t place your life on hold without having any signs that your partner has interest in salvaging the relationship. Simply waiting for months or even years with no communication and only hopes of reconciling is self -tourture.

I hope that this article will give a bit of insight and knowledge into fully understanding the importance of space from both ends of the spectrum. Even if it’s not the news that you wish to hear there is still a silver lining because it frees you from blaming yourself and wondering if there is anything you can do or should have done. Sometimes you can only do so much and the rest is left up to the other person. As always, love and light!

If you are looking for answers and understanding into your own love life and are unsure of your partner’s motives for space, reach out directly to Psychic Rhonda today. She will look deep into your connection and provide you with the insight you need to make the best decision for yourself. 

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    Amy M Kile Reply

    Nice.. insightful read ..really hit home and helped ..
    Thank you

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      Vikki lowllun Reply

      Thank you, definitely helped in my situation.

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        Hello Vikki , Thank you for your message. To get further guidance and to get answers to your questions, please contact one of our psychic advisors on our app. They will be able to help you with all your questions and concerns