Look At The Energy This Spring Is Bringing In For You

Look At The Energy This Spring Is Bringing In For You

Spring is a time of renewal. Out with the old, and in with the new. This is why there’s the tradition of spring cleaning. It’s the perfect time to focus on what it is that you’re wanting to do. Look around and you’ll see this in nature. The flowers coming up, the trees sprouting new leaves and fruit. Here, we’ll take a look at the energy this spring is bringing in for you. Pick the picture you feel most drawn to. Not necessarily the one you like the most, but feel into which one draws you in. Then go to the corresponding number for the energy this spring is bringing for you.

  1. This spring is calling you to find your strength to do what you need to do about those who mistreat you. This could be anything from releasing them, to learning how not to let them affect us. Remember, how others treat you is about them, and not you. Many times they are rude due to their own perceived shortcomings, or insecurities. We can’t control that, and we can’t change others. We need to realize what we have control over is ourselves, and how we react to things. Find your strength and confidence, and even they can’t take that away.

  1. This spring is bringing you the energy to stand up, and make the decisions needed to make things better. Don’t be afraid to stand up for the things you believe in, or really want to do. Don’t let others stand in your way. Whatever it is you’ve been thinking about doing, spring is the perfect time for you to go for it, and make it happen. Make the necessary decisions and actions, keep at it, and you can’t go wrong.

  1. There’s something you’ve been waiting for, and feel worn down waiting for it to happen. This spring will present the opening you’re looking for to make this happen. Watch for the right timing and go for it, as it doesn’t look like you can go wrong on it at that point.

  1. This spring is calling on you to take the time to look within yourself and work through issues to find your way. It looks like things have seemed rather unclear or hazy. To find clarity, take some time to work on who you are, and focus on healing and growth. Explore your feelings and ideas. Find what it is you’re looking for to move forward, to find more fulfillment in life.

  1. This spring looks like a great time to reevaluate emotions and relationships. This is about finding balance in the above issues. Do your relationships have an equal balance of giving and take? Are you struggling with emotional highs and lows? This is the perfect time to meditate on these things, and work towards a better balance for your life, to work towards a more fulfilling emotional life.

  1. This spring is a good time to start a new journey. Whether it’s work-related, a relationship or that trip you’ve been wanting to take you’re being encouraged to take a leap of faith. At the same time, I’m seeing a need to keep balance with this new endeavor. Make sure it doesn’t become all-consuming, and that you’re leaving time and finances for other situations that may arise. However, the biggest thing, is to go for it.

  1. Here, I am being shown there’s been some excessive self-indulgence lately. What I’m being shown is a need to find balance in things again. We need to take care of ourselves, and it’s important to indulge in the simple pleasures at times. When it becomes excessive though, is when things become unhealthy. This spring looks to be the time to bring things into balance again and work forward in a healthier manner for yourself.

  1. Here, it looks like you’ve moved beyond a rough situation, and things seem to be getting smoother. This spring is bringing in the energy for you to take a breath, and start healing. Take the time, and find the tools you may need to heal. Focus on yourself, and self-care for a bit, so you may move forward onto better things in life.

  1. It looks like you’ve had an idea for something you’ve wanted to do. A hobby, or business idea. This spring is bringing the energy for you to get this going. It looks as though there may have been obstacles in the way, but I’m seeing those clearing up. Much of this looks to be about divine timing, so things could be set up right for this endeavor. Make sure to use this energy to your advantage, to get things going.

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