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Love Quiz – By Adeena

Love Quiz – By Adeena

By: Advisor Adeena

Want to know if you and your partner are meant to be in each others lives?
Want to know if your relationship is healthy?
Want to know if your partner is cheating?
Want to know if you are twin flames, kindred spirits or soulmates?
Take My love quiz
Complete the quiz send your answers your name and date of birth to me and, if available, your partner’s name and date of birth via the Psychic Txt application. Answers should NOT be posted in this blog post.
I will answer your deepest most concerning relationship questions.
If you answer other please add details into the text message or if you feel that the answer to the question is different in your situation please give answer you feel most applies in the message
What makes this quiz different I not only take your answers into account but what your spirit tell me about your relationship. Each answer I supply my client with his unique to their name and date of birth.
I have use this fun and unique method for many years through my personal experiences found to be quite accurate and to the point.
1.) How long have you been together?
A. Less than 1 month
B. 3 months
C. 1 year
D. Other please add in reply

2.) How often do you see each other?

A. Every day
B. Once a week or weekends only
C. We’re long distance
D. Other please add in reply

3.) Is your partner emotionally Hot and cold

A. Yes I have noticed inconsistency and my partner distance systems self at random times
B. Yes but things seem to have improved
C. no not at all
D. Yes but I am the partner who is distancing

4.) When you’re apart, Do you

A. Call
B. Text
C. Chat on social media
D. None

5.) Who is the First to reach out after disagreement or argument

A. You
B. Partner
C. We take turns
6.) Are you unsure of whether to hold onto this relationship or let go
A. yes
B. no

7.) When you think about your future, do you factor them into your plans?

A. Yes, they’re a vital part of it
B. Yes, but I am unsure if I am in there’s
C. No, not really
8.) Do you and your partner tell each other everything
A. Yes we are both honest and open with each other
B. I tell my partner everything but I feel they are keeping something from me
C. We tell each other only what’s necessary
9.) Do you feel your partner has ever cheated on you
A. Yes my partner has cheated on me in the past
B. To my knowledge my partner has never cheated but I am suspicious
C. My partner is never cheated on me but I have cheated on them
D. No my partner has never cheated I have never been suspicious of cheating in our relationship
Please note
Every person answers are different not only based on the answers to the above questions but based on your name and date of birth and what your spirit tells me.

Adeena is an advisor with Psychic Txt

I specialize in all love and relationship problems situation is not listed here in the quiz please feel free to contact me and I will answer all your relationship concerns. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.