Love Reading for July 2021

Love Reading for July 2021

The Romance Angels want you to enjoy your romantic encounters. Love should be easy and fun, it is not about stress and worry.  Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, we are all out and about and the Romance Angels have a special message for us about how to make our July extra special.


We all want passion in our love lives, but to have a truly passionate love life we must experience passion in other areas of our life as well.  It is time to seek out interests and hobbies that bring you joy. It can be anything that makes your heart soar, whether it is volunteering at an animal shelter, or playing tennis with your friends. It does not matter as long it stirs your inner desires; it will help drive passion in your relationships as well.  If you are currently single, enjoying your hobbies and interests will bring elation that will radiate outwards attracting new people and new love into your life.


You may be feeling a strong pull toward another this month particularly if you are following your passions. If this person is your romantic partner, then have fun! If this is someone that is unavailable then consider why you are so attracted to them. Perhaps you are lacking passion in other areas of your life, find hobbies and interests that bring you fulfilment.  Reach out to the Romance Angels for guidance on finding passion and true love this month.

This Could Be the One

Sometimes our true love is right in front of us but we are unable to see him or her. It could be that the person does not look like the type of person we would normally date or they do not act in a way we expect them to. Sometimes we are so hung up on someone that is not available we are not open to other possibilities.  Heal old wounds that blind you to new possibilities, and keep your mind open for love all around you.

This month is about getting involved with activities you are passionate about. Having fun will help you radiate joy, potentially attracting that special someone into your life. Be open to love everywhere!

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