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Love Tarotscopes for the Next Four Weeks

Love Tarotscopes for the Next Four Weeks

Are you wondering what the coming four weeks has in store for relationships? I am going to describe the energy surrounding us as a collective for the next month using The Psychic Tarot for the Heart oracle deck. Then provide guidance on what you should embrace and what to avoid to ensure your relationships run smoothly and empower you to make decisions for your own highest good.

Overall Energy for the next Four Weeks

Dedicated Effort

Just as the artist spends time and effort to create his master piece, we are called to dedicate effort into nurturing our relationships.

Happy contented partnerships don’t just happen effortlessly, they require dedication and hard work.  This month it is particularly important for fostering your relationships with friends and family.

Over the coming weeks you are being asked to pay attention all the relationships in your life, always act with respect and good intentions towards everyone. Take time to really get to know people, and understand their values and beliefs.  The better you understand someone the better you can comprehend their motivations and desires.


What should we embrace over the next four weeks?


Assess your relationships to figure out what is working and what is not.  For a relationship to blossom it is vital that both partners are open and honest and trusting of one another.

Spend some time reflecting on whether you are being open and honest with your partner. Do you feel your loved one is being open and honest with you?  If you have any doubts, ask yourself, is my relationship providing me with the love and understanding I need?  Am I being treated with respect? Are you treating your loved one with the same compassion and dignity? If you are the one expending all the energy and not receiving anything in return then your energy becomes drained.

Embrace those that empower you and treat you with the same love and respect you give them, and reconsider the energy you expend on those who leave you feeling drained. Listen to what your heart desires and you cannot make a wrong decision.


What should we avoid this over the next four weeks?

Challenging Times

There may be some quarrelsome energies surrounding you this over the month, and just as the man in the picture places the shield in front of him to deflect anything that may hit him. You too are being urged to deflect any quarrels that are not serving your own highest good.

Instead of being pulled into disagreements and arguing your point until you can come out on top, step back and consider what is right and true here? Does winning matter more than reaching a suitable compromise? Whoever wins the battle never truly wins, the victory is empty as hurt people stumble away to tend to their wounds.



The energy for the next month is about nurturing relationships with those who nurture you and always treat you with dignity and respect. Reflect on relationships that do not fulfil your highest good and consider if they are worth the effort. Try not to let yourself be pulled into disagreements, where there can be no true victory as wounds may run so deep, they take a long time to heal.

Focus on love and follow your heart this month and your relationships will flourish.

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