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Maintaining Emotional Control

Maintaining Emotional Control

emotionalHighly charged emotional situations coupled with erratic thought patterns are usually a guaranteed way to knock yourself out of your own personal groove. For anyone who has been through a difficult emotional situation, whether that be a challenging relationship or even a situation that left you feeling out in the cold in general, these feelings are no joke. When not handled in a healthy way, they will take over, consume you, and bring you down. This leads to you feeling even lower than before and also leads to extreme anxiety that isn’t easily extinguished.

Have you been through a difficult relationship in the past? Most everyone has at one point or another, but too often we allow these past relationships to affect our current connections. At the first sign of repeat behavior, many of us will think back to all the difficulties we experienced in the past, tie the two together, and literally create unnecessary fear by assuming the same things are happening. This is usually not the case. Sometimes it is, but most of the time, our own thought patterns are what creates the disconnect and the challenge. It’s important to be mindful of your thinking. At the first sign of them spiraling out of control, it’s time to take a step back and focus our energies differently.

Relationships are just one example, but the feelings are the same across the board. Taking a step backwards allows you look at the situation in a different manner and also allows you to disconnect from the emotional roller coaster for a short period of time. This is when you want to start asking yourself if you are acting rationally or if you are allowing your fears to take the center stage. If it’s the latter, try to wash them away. Focus your mind on the present moment and let go of the turmoil that is beginning to brew. When you don’t, you may end up sabotaging something that was precious to you. You may even inadvertently affect the other connections in your life as well. While emotional hurt and frustration can be brutal, try not to let it consume your entire life. This doesn’t mean you need to forget about your feelings, but it does mean you need to analyze why you are feeling the way you do.

One of the hardest and most effective methods for washing away this anxiety and fear is to force yourself to focus on something else for even just a moment. Stop everything you are doing, take a look around you. What do you see? Is anything different? Do you notice things you haven’t noticed before? Your mind will fight with you at first when you try to change focus, but when you are successful with it, you will feel all of the anxiety wash away. This is part of being in the present moment. When we are focused exclusively on the now our minds are clearer, our emotions are more in control, and we will often get clarity on any irrational feelings we have been experiencing. The longer you can hold the moment, the more balanced you will become. Remember, when your mind is free of unnecessary clutter and emotional debris, you do hold the ability to receive clear insight and direction from your guides and angels. You will not be led in the wrong direction. When you stay in a frenzy, the information you receive will be based on your own personal fears rather than something that deserves credence.

Another method to consider and try is to release all the emotions the moment you start feeling them. Compartmentalizing your feelings will lead to even more anxiety that often results in an internal implosion. Write it out. Share everything you are feeling in a personal diary or blog. Pay no attention to your word choices or grammar, just let it flow. When you do let that difficult energy go as soon as it happens, you will also experience a feeling of being clear and you will find it much easier to practice getting present as noted above. Don’t bottle or hold those feelings in. Work to release them as soon as you are able by utilizing one or both of the above methods. It may seem difficult to do it right at first and you may not even have a desire to do it, but the more you practice these simple techniques, the quicker you will maintain a feeling of balance and it will become easier and easier to purge unwanted old feelings and obtain accurate clarity on your current situations. You deserve to free yourself from any old emotions that are only serving to hold you back. You also deserve to gain understanding on current challenges you are facing in your life. You can and you will by following the simple steps above.




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