Make Your Friday the 13th a Lucky One!

Make Your Friday the 13th a Lucky One!


By: Psychic Fern

Do you believe in the mystery around Friday the 13th? Many find their superstitions verified on this day, while many others go on not noticing much difference. But how did it all start?

Historians are unsure of the exact origin, but evidence goes back all the way to the Middle Ages of superstition around this day. Some claim it has to do with biblical references (13 disciples of Jesus, the 13th betrayed him, he then died on a Friday), or from numerology, where 13 is a number of upheaval and big changes. 13 is the number of witches needed for a complete coven (whom were considered evil in ancient times). 12 historically has been a significant number through various religions, being a number of balance, order, and completeness in structure; while 13 throws it all out of whack. There’s also the theory of the 13th zodiac sign, Ophiucus, who indeed throws the balance of the zodiac out of balance.

Is Friday the 13th really a dangerous day, or a self fulfilling prophecy? No one has evidence of worldwide havoc on this particular day every year, and yet the ancient superstitions persist into the 21st century. Important to note is the recent evidence behind the power of intention. Our thoughts, ideas, and purpose with each move we make, solidifies our energy within the universe. Everything we do is a like a form of communication with the Universe, and it responds to that energy with what you direct towards it. As we become increasingly aware of our influence on the world around us (see Quantum Physics), we can realize just how we manifest this into our own life. Friday the 13th is an idea passed down form a time where gossip and superstition was all they had to keep them alive. Now, in a time of much enlightenment as we unlock more pieces to the puzzle of our reality, Friday the 13th stands as a reminder of how far we’ve come from barely surviving, and seeing enemies at every turn.

The more you feed your fears, the greater they become. Finding yourself still locked into the idea of Friday the 13th, but ready for change? Here are some important tools! When you find your anxiety growing, do not continue to perpetuate it. Do whatever form of mind quieting practice works for you: coloring pages, long walks, call up a friend and ask them about their day, read a book, or meditate. Surround yourself with people who uplift you, and don’t bring you down or impose more of their beliefs on you. Finally, you can also focus on turning every fearful thought into a positive one, as this trains your brain to put out a frequency of hope instead of fear.

So, how will you make this Friday a beautiful one?



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