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Manifesting at Will! How To Do It! And How To Do It Right!

Manifesting at Will! How To Do It! And How To Do It Right!

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Hi Guys!!!

 I am here today to share some manifesting tips with you all and I hope this message finds you happy , healthy, and manifesting your greatest lives.

The most common question I have gotten in over 25 years of Reading energy is about manifesting.  How to do it and even more common are those feeling they are unable to manifest properly.

They have had many good symbols in their readings but they get half or none of it showing up.

Well, Good News!  Just for starters and In simple terms, Yes we can all manifest our dreams and desires. Within reason of course.  The Key that I have found is that always starts with US.  Our personal vibration. High or Low. And the big reveal is that we really do manifest what we are as opposed to what we want.

That being said I have worked with thousands of people over many years and some are able to grasp this concept and get it really fast.  For most people, it is not that easy and so it first begins with changing one’s energy with a super honest awareness of your own energy. And also your actions.  Are you acting out of anger,  bitterness, hate, or love?  Are we pushing and choking energy or allowing it to flow freely?

Like does attract like always.

Many people have never met themselves.  Myself included.  So when I was beginning my manifesting path long ago, I had to do a lot of self-work to fine-tune my Law of Attraction. I learned quickly that long-held beliefs can really cause repeating patterns in one’s life and I knew I had to change a lot of ME to start achieving my big goals.  And I have!

That all being said, so can you!

Love and Success are the highest frequencies that I have seen and the hardest to manifest is Love and mostly due to the Free Will of the two souls involved.  We are not able to go and change the other soul as they have to do their own work. We can also kill off a manifest with a fight or attack on another.

However, when we make a quantum leap in OUR energy to the Highest vibration you no longer have to seek the manifest.  It naturally begins to show up for you once you are in your highest vibe and then go into what we call, allowing.

Knowledge is power.  I would love to

teach you all I have learned as well.


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