Meet Our Newest Advisors!

Meet Our Newest Advisors!


Meet Our Newest Advisors!
At Psychic Txt, we regularly add the best new advisors to ensure you always receive amazing insight during your readings. 

Get to know Psychic Moon and Amanda below! And then, don’t forget to check them out in the app and send them a message! They may have the exact insight you are seeking.

Psychic Moon

Why Did You Start Giving Readings? 
Since childhood I have been very intuitive and I could read the energies around me. I started my career as a lecturer in a college where I used to counsel the students and a part from that I also helped them to solve their issues related to their personal life. I learnt Tarot cards and astro science principals, to connect the energies well and later on I opt this as a career and I started giving readings. My life partner is also a reader , she actually inspired me to start it professionally , so I started it and now for last so many years I have been giving reading to my clients all across the globe.

What is Your Reading Style?
I use Numerology, Tarot reading, Energy readings and astrology reading. I am specialist in the combination reading of Numerology, Tarot and astro readings. 

When Did You First Realize You Were Gifted? How Did You Further Develop Your Gifts?  
As I mentioned here, since childhood I have been intuitive, but when I grown up people start coming to me and they consult me for there problems, then I realized God blessed me and I am gifted. Later on I started doing meditation to develop my gifts. ​​​​​​​

What is Your Favorite Type of Reading?
My favorite type of readings are career & finance readings , personal issues and Love & relationship readings. ​​​​​​​

What Are Some of Your Hobbies or Passions? 
My hobbies are  Travel and explore new places and study on Astronomy and planets. I also love to drive car on hills and highways… I love driving ….​​​​​​​


Why Did You Start Giving Readings? 
I started to do readings as I felt I was able to tell friends and family what would be coming up around them. I was always wanting to really help people and when given my first deck of cards I started to read for people and when I found out that I could it made me feel so good to give to others hope and happiness.​​​​​​​

What is Your Reading Style?​​​​​​​
My reading style is that I get visions and messages straight away, it is like I am able to stand behind someone and show them what is coming up and what to be cautious of. I am honest and yet compassionate.​​​​​​​

When Did You First Realize You Were Gifted? How Did You Further Develop Your Gifts? ​​​​​​​ 
My mother never said how the rest of her family and my Dads that were gifted. I was a naughty kid as I would know if something was to happen and my parents often had to listen to what I came out with. For one was me being told to rake the yard and I said there is a snake. I walked to the middle of the yard and then raked the grass to find a snake. So they found I was gifted since I was 7 years old

What is Your Favorite Type of Reading?
I have so many favourite readings but when I can make people feel that they are worthy and deserve love and joy it moves me. I enjoy many successful readings and I am blown away for my clients as each comes to pass. It is going to be so good to still help those who are lost.​​​​​​​

What Are Some of Your Hobbies or Passions? 
My hobbies are my family and my friends, I enjoy cooking and traveling to places I can learn about other cultures and people. Yes I love the beach and recharge there when I can. It is my cats and my work that I really love and of course my family. I love to learn new languages and am currently doing a Spanish course.

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