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Meet Psychic Daniela

Meet Psychic Daniela


Tell us about yourself and your abilities:

I’m Native German, born and raised, and lived in Germany until about 28 years of age when I moved to the States with my husband. I grew up in a smaller town where I started developing an interest in the occult and divination from early childhood on. Honestly, I cannot pinpoint when and how, nor why, I started being interested in it. All I remember is that I always have been despite the fact that neither of my parents nor friends were – which made me somewhat of an oddball. I began looking around the local library and magazine stores for information, and later on in bookstores as well as the good old Internet. Eventually, I began not only to read for friends, but also other people online, and that’s how my reading practice began.

As for my abilities, I consider myself intuitive and an empath. I often don’t find it difficult to tap into a person’s energies. Putting them into words, that at times is tricky to me and I wish I could simply transfer my impression directly to the person asking the questions. I read cards as well as runes, and though I do use the basic meanings, I heavily rely on my intuition and Higher Guidance in deciphering what a card and/or card combination means in a given situation. At times, my interpretations vary greatly from the traditional meanings, and sometimes even from one reading to the next where I look back and wonder how did I come up with this or that meaning. Cards, or runes, to me are a focal point that represent the energies that I’m trying to decipher and then relay to the person in terms of providing guidance and insight. I appear to have a knack for reading on how people feel, and think. I am good at providing short term predictions, though I’m always a bit hesitant to predict for long term as I find people do have a Free Will they tend to exercise which can and will alter the development/progress I see.

When did you first learn of your gift?

I honestly can’t put an exact time or date, nor even age, to that question. When I began studying and reading Tarot and runes, it seemed to click. When I started reading for friends in my mid to late Teens, the feedback I received indicated that I had a talent for reading the cards.

What inspires you to give readings?

That is a great question I’ve asked myself countless times. Why do I read for people period? What makes me think I have anything to offer that could possibly be of help to someone else? The best answer I can offer is that I’ve always wanted to reach out to others, be of assistance in some way when they were confused, in pain and sad. That and the fact that I’ve found people gravitate towards me for advice and/or a shoulder to unburden themselves on throughout my life. When I first started reading, I began to realize that this was the ‘gateway’ I had been looking for. From personal experience, I know how unnerving life can be and situations where one is unsure of what is going on and what might happen. I’ve found reading for myself very helpful. No matter whether the forecast was good or bad. Thus, after having received feedback from others that I had been of help to them, it started feeling more and more natural to continue reading and providing assistance this way.

What type of readings do you like to give?

I enjoy reading for relationships. Whether it is concerning a romantic relationship, or with a friend, co-worker, family member … I know relationships can be somewhat complicated and confusing. We’re complex beings at times, so if I can assist in clarifying a relationship situation, I’m always happy to do so. Besides relationships, I enjoy the more spiritual readings as well. I’ve had some very fun and interesting experiences with past life readings, too.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and our dogs. We’re fortunate to have a decent sized backyard in a fairly rural area. So we tend to sit outside on the porch, watching our dogs play. Furthermore, I love to read and keep on reading up on spiritual subjects, cards etc. Another favorite past time of mine (as well as my husband’s) is playing video games.


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