Meet Psychic Janette

Meet Psychic Janette


Tell us about yourself and your abilities:

Hello everyone, I am Janette and I am natural clairsentient (see, hear, feel, sense and know). I started with tarot cards at first, but I did not like them so I chose oracles more that work for me better, but even when using cards, I´ll use my natural abilities.

When did you first learn of your gift?

I was born with them but they opened more after I left a painful relationship of 14 years. Personal struggle is key factor it seems. My grandma was gifted so when I got mine it was interesting but stronger than hers.

What inspires you to give readings?

I am inspired by people who are able to realize their inner power to change their own life, finding solutions and help people to feel better about themselves. People’s feedback and reviews and
I am always inspired by people who have good manners when they come to me…blunt  questions and messages turns me off.

What type of readings do you like to give?

Intuitive psychic and Lenormand card readings. With Lenormand I have found out things that have totally surprised me in many ways.  They are always accurate.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am avid music listener so YouTube and Spotify are on top. Then comes chatting with friends online, coloring books and almost forgot Netflix.  I am always manifesting things to happen as well. It’s working.

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  • sharn marie true says:

    My ex of nearly 15 years end it with me and he as got someone else there have be together about 2 month is he happy and will we get back together

    1. psychictxt says:

      Hello, if you are interested in getting a reading from Janette, please message her directly in app.

  • Joanna says:

    I have recently started chatting with Janette. Thanks to her insight, I have managed to open up my heart again and acknowledge areas where I have been closed off. She has been guiding me a lot lately being that I’m at a huge crossroad in my life. If I had not reached out when I did, I wouldn’t be in a place of happiness and peace while going through utter chaos. Thank you Janette for all that you do and are still doing. You’re a blessing to me!!

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