Meet Psychic Jeremy

Meet Psychic Jeremy



Tell us about yourself and your abilities:

I am a married father of 2 awesome little humans. May awakening really began with this last year. But really there was no real beginning to it. I always knew I was different and that my purpose here was strong. I have always had this sense of purpose about me. I am still discovering exactly what it is, I think it is ever evolving too. This last year I was really being pulled in this direction. I began researching and it really took up much of my attention. I can’t really pinpoint exactly when I realized that I had psychic abilities. I remember as a child hearing disembodied voices. These voices I would hear with my ears. I would turn around and nobody would be there. I remember a strong feeling of familiarity about these voices. Many times, they would say my name and it would just seem so familiar to me. Like it was someone I knew. After awhile I wrote it off and it stopped happening except for the rare occurrence. Now I can hear these voices again now that I know what they are, but it is not near as clear as it used to be. Now I have to really concentrate and listen. I am told this will come easier with time. I also have what is called Claircognizance (Clear Knowing) and Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing), these two kind of come on their own. I just kind of know things and have visions or an image in my mind. I have had great success with these but they just kind of come on their own. I learned much by accident about Clairsentience (Clear Feeling). I was just thinking of a person and all of a sudden my wife noticed a change in my emotional appearance. She asked if I was upset and I told her I didn’t think I was or at least I didn’t know why I was. Then my neck started hurting and my back. I get these pains myself but not out of nowhere like that. It also felt different than normal. When I mentioned this and that these started happening when I was thinking a certain person, my wife said that this person has chronic pain in those areas. I did not know this before hand. This person also has anger issues, this I did know but I wasn’t thinking about them at that moment. Then I mentioned a connection between the pain and the anger. That repressed emotions were the cause of her pains and that these pains were not caused physically and again my wife said that that was exactly what this persons doctors tell her all the time. Again, this I had no knowledge of. My wife said that this person complains about her doctors and their comments to her all the time. But never to me. That was one of my first experiences that really confirmed my abilities to me and my wife.

When did you first learn of your gift?

To build on it, I am still developing my abilities. I have found that I can hone in on readings by using tarot cards. I have had great success with Tarot cards and have found this comes quite naturally to me. One memory that I found confirmed my abilities to myself is when I was just talking with my wife about past lives. I told her that I had tuned in quite by accident to my most recent past life. I told her of a woman, mid 30s in what I saw as a winter wilderness. I felt this persons grief and sadness. Life did not go as planned for this person. Life was mostly pain and suffering to her. I got the feeling that things ended with her feeling this way and that the ending entailed water. Later after that, I myself had gotten a reading by a psychic I felt drawn to. I asked about my past lives and very much had my vision confirmed. Of course, I didn’t mention any of my visions to this psychic. But only asked about my past lives. I was also told of many prior past lives and that I have in all of them been a spiritual person and spiritual teacher. A shaman or medicine man in two of them. I had felt this myself too and have made this comment in passing to my wife before this as well. This reading very much served to confirm my feelings that I was and have always been deeply spiritual.

What inspires you to give readings?

I am drawn to helping people. I know that I am a healer and lightworker. This I just know. While giving readings is not my only calling, I have been called to do them. To grow my abilities and to help those that need it by answering their questions and also hopefully confirming to themselves that their spiritual feelings and thoughts are quite valid.
What type of readings do you like to give?

Right now I give Tarot Readings that are guided by my Angels. I do this by asking my Angels (or spirit Guides, whatever you know them by, they are the same) for guidance, direction and protection for myself and those I read for. I also ask them to connect to the Angels of the person I am reading for. (This may answer some peoples question of just How we can connect remotely. Well I ask my Angels to connect). I also rely on crystals and meditation to help keep my energy clear and accurate.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend my time with my family for the most part. I also meditate and ponder and do my own research into my spirituality. Never stop researching and learning and questioning. And never stop growing.


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