That Oh So “Scary” Tarot Card of Death

That Oh So “Scary” Tarot Card of Death

By Psychic Rhonda:

Many of my clients and friends will see this card and immediately go into panic mode(and no it doesn’t mean physical death!) Regardless of it being a career reading, finance or relationship  – seeing this card completely changes the tone of any session. I decided to speak on this to clarify and give more peace. Of course, each card represents different circumstances and outcomes per querent, but it isn’t always negative, it can also be quite positive. I, for instance, chose to take the higher end of the spectrum and go from there. I take from it: RENEWAL transformation, an ending and new beginning and the end of a cycle. One of which that might need ending…out with the old that no longer serves you and on to something better. Some people fear change or feel it may be forced upon you but even in my own readings, I’ve embraced this card and have always received better even if it was just a lesson learned.

You may be stuck at a dead end job which you dread with no advancement opportunities whatsoever or lousy pay, or maybe you just think your co-workers are all complete morons!(who knows). The thought of a career change may cross your mind every hour of the day, but you’re afraid of rejection or don’t have any faith you will succeed in anything other than what you’ve been doing. You’ve became comfortable in misery. Well, you may very well be forced out on a limb in order to prosper. Your crappy job may fire you in order for you to put yourself out there. Same goes for toxic relationships. You may be settling and a victim of abuse and your partner may run off with another woman, so that you can be released from an unhealthy relationship you didn’t have the strength to leave on your own. One door closes another one will always open..GUARANTEED! Regardless of what the situation may be this card does not mean the end..only the beginning. At least with tarot readings and this as the outcome card you will be able to see it coming. I hope this helps those who fear it most and lose all hope and fail to see the broader picture.

When you are in love it may be difficult to hear that you and your partner may not work out for the long haul but he/she is not treating you right or refusing to change for the better then you can be left with no choice but to move on. You love them but you should always love yourself more.  Difficult times do not last forever, I know at times you may feel as though you are stunk in a never ending rut but do not allow your temporary status determine your outcome or believe that things can or will not get any better.


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  • Ajebutter says:

    I have seen this card continously for the past days… amd within me i know there is need for a change but what most troubling is how when and what to do about it… confused and unhappy… is how i feel.

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