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How To Overcome Heartbreak and Love Again

How To Overcome Heartbreak and Love Again

By: Psychic Shawn

Heartbreak is undeniably the most painful thing a human being can experience within their life. When you are in love the experience is something that makes you believe there is a greater power in the universe; it is a feeling that nothing else can replace.  When you find that special someone it feels like you weren’t even living before meeting that person – you feel totally different about yourself. You start to view the world in a whole new way; it is as if you feel it is something unique and special only to you. And, this feeling starts to become your main focus. Nothing matters anymore except making the person you are in love with happy, and once that individual who your world surrounds takes your heart and breaks it, the emotions one feels afterwards is as if your soul has been teared apart. A great amount of grief consumes your every waking second, you feel restless, untrusting, hopeless and angry at love. You go from being on top of the world to falling into a pit of sadness.

Those who experience heartbreak have a change in attitude and become very defensive. This can last a long time when they don’t come to realize that heart break is a part of love at times. This is especially true when you aren’t meant to be with that person. Heartbreak is meant to be the schooling of love. It gives you the education you need to be prepared for when you do meet your soulmate and twin flame.  These individuals are the ones who we build lives, marriage and families with.  It is a bond that can never be broken. Heartbreak is meant to strengthen you and to show you that you can overcome anything in life. It also makes you appreciate love and helps to make sure the same mistakes aren’t made in future relationships.

So even though the emotional pain is unbearable for a while, it won’t last forever. Instead of feeling like you never want be in love again, think of how amazing the future will be once you move past this feeling of disappointment. You certainly will move past it as nobody stays brokenhearted forever. Remember this is a time to find your strength so that you will be stronger in love in the future.

Overcoming Heartbreak 

It may feel like you will never know how to get over that person you loved.  It is hard to believe they are no longer in your life.  The memories  and moments shared together race through your mind. A simple song or the scent of their perfume, or cologne, can trigger a deep sadness. You start to feel like there is nowhere you can turn, without remembering them. Almost everything reminds you of the moments shared together. You feel trapped in your heartbreak. And, it can be very stressful to try and be the person you were before, but there is hope and there is a future for you. Here are three steps to help you overcome.

The Gift of Forgiveness — How Do We Forgive?

Forgiveness is the most important action when trying to heal your heart. Holding on to past pain won’t allow you to experience a happier future with anyone else.  Keeping grudges isn’t going to solve anything either, especially when you are trying to move on. It will keep you stuck spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Before you can find forgiveness, you must first accept who was wrong and who caused the relationship to end. Was it you? Or was it he/she who ruined things? When you really take a moment to look at everything, you will come to peace with what has happened. When you forgive not with just your words, but by actually letting the pain go from your heart is when you will find a weight lifted off your shoulders and you will feel as if you can once again soar in life.

Finding Closure — How Do We Find Closure From Our Relationship?

The first thing we seek when a relationship ends is the answers to the whys? What ifs? What did I do wrong? You didn’t expect it, everything was fine, you both seemed perfectly in love. Then, all of a sudden it ended! This can leave someone feeling very lost and makes it even more difficult to find closure. You have to regain your worth and know you hold the key to the closure you seek. But, how? The first thing you need to do is live in the present, not the past because it will never come again.  Try not to focus on the future either because it hasn’t come yet. You need to let go of that person from your mind if they didn’t give you the answers you were seeking. When someone does that, not only is it unfair and cowardly, it also means they were never truly meant for you. By accepting that and in knowing that one day you will find somebody true and honest who will be there in your darkest and happiest moment is what will give you the closure you seek. Have faith and be patient for true love is important and worth it.

Meditation — How Does Meditation Heal a Broken Heart?

Meditation is a vital tool in helping anyone suffering the damages of heartbreak and emotional pain. Many people don’t understand the benefits of meditation or what meditation is exactly.  It is an ancient technique to completely shut off your thoughts. In order to heal your spirit, your mind and your heart, you may ask how does shutting off my thoughts do all of this? For example, imagine if your computer has a glitch, but you refuse to shut it off and continue to try and work on it. Or when you leave your TV and phone constantly on and plugged in things will not function properly and will take up more energy than is needed. When our brain overthinks it leads to self destruction. We will start to become moody, sad, agitated, upset and lost. Meditation is restoration for the soul. By being in a state of meditation for at least 20 minutes a day, you will find your emotional stress and heartbreak start to fade


How To Love Again                                                

After going through heart break, especially if it is the first time you have experienced how scary and emotionally unwell it is, then the last thing you will be wanting to do, is give love another chance, you couldn’t imagine repeating the same situation all over again. You don’t want to go through all of those feelings of misery either. You tell yourself for what? Love doesn’t exist. It can be normal to feel this way, but it isn’t the truth. Love is true, and it isn’t easy to find the right person, but you need to know that you are going to eventually find your soulmate and twin flame. If you don’t give love another chance then you will never meet that person, who can be your spouse and who you will create and share a life together with. Real love is out there and you will find it as soon as you allow it back into your life. If you follow the steps and advice I have given, you will learn to love again. Healing from heart break is a daily process, but it won’t last forever. Happiness and love comes for everyone.


If you are looking for answers or need help pushing through a difficult relationship situation, reach out directly to Psychic Shawn today. He is here to help you uncover the truth and will provide you with the answers you need.