Personal Year According to Numerology

Personal Year According to Numerology

To find your personal year, take the month you were born, the day you were born and add them to the current year. reduce the numbers to a single digit.. this represents your personal year and I will show you where you are within a cycle of 9 years..
For example, you are born on
20  March 1988
To calculate your personal year for 2020 you have to add
20+3+2020 = 2+3+(2+0+2+0)=2+3+4=9
So this year will be your 9 number personal year.
Now I will tell you personal care numbers 1 to will they go for you so that you can take your decisions accordingly.
Number 1: this is the year of new beginnings, planting of new seeds. These new beginnings will give you growth and reward.. major changes can be there but you have to grab the opportunities to get the desired results..

Number 2: number 2 is the number of confusions and emotions.. this year you can wait for the rewards of the seeds you have planted during the number one year… But this year you can have spiritual growth.. creative forces are also there.. but you have to control your emotions this year because you can feel that relationships are not working well for you.

Number 3: this is the year of social expansion.. in this year you can feel romance and love affairs and you can live your life to its fullest.. if you are interested in writing then this year is also good for that part… This is the best year to expand creative talents related to arts and verbal skills.. this year can give you recognition also.

Number 4: this is the year of hard work and you can feel that progress is very slow… You can feel some confusion and illusions in this year… You can feel the responsibilities will increase and efforts are not giving you the returns…. You can feel lazy.. the most important thing is to stay organized in order to accomplish your goals.. don’t take many risks in this year.

Number 5: number five is always a number of change. This is the good year for romance, travel, and money. You will try to move out in search of new horizons. this is the good year for the business purpose and the efforts you will put you will get the returns. You will get success in competitions .. sexual desire will also at its peak in this year.

Number 6: this year is the year of love ,family, home and responsibility. you can hope for the marriage in this year and if you are married then you can hope for the childbirth.. this is the year of jobs and promotions also. Sudden gains can also be expected. Take care of your health in this year.

Number 7: this is a slow and frustrating year. We can say that some pause or reflection can be there in this period. it is a spiritual year and we can say that it is a good year for inner development . you can have spiritual awareness and soul growth in this year. You can get the benefits through meditation, prayers for introspection. Intuition will be high this year. If you are looking for higher education then this year can be a good time for that.

Number 8: this is the year for the hard work and getting back returns and capital gain from those hard work. If your path is right then nobody can stop you to get the financial gain in this year. You will find yourself very much involved and occupied in the year.
it’s the year of the  major achievements regarding your financial part.

Number 9: this year is the end of a cycle so we can say that it’s the year of completion.  This is a year to change jobs, make long journeys, change the direction of their effort or lose something that is of great value. a lot of things that you have been working for should come to completion during this year and nothing new happens this year. So you should just enjoy the completion of the things that you have started in the past few years.

Sarika Oberoi.

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