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Myself Sujata Agarwal,Tarot card reader and vedic Astrologer. Besides these  my other areas of specialization include Angel card reading, Numerology,vastu,palm reading, graphology, handwriting and signature analysis and reiki healing. I believe in showing right path to my esteemed clients with meaningful solutions and easy to do remedies. I would  love to help my clients for any kind of issues related to their love life, relationship, health, career,finance,job and business. My main motto is that people should experience the peace of knowing the right path to travel in their life. Hope to have nice interaction with you

My services are Astrology, Tarot and Angel card reading, Numerology, Vastu ,Reiki healing,palm reading, signature analysis, name and mobile number correction. My best part is giving solutions by combining my experience of astrology, Numerology and tarot card reading. And I check Vastu dosh also through Numerology grid

Practicing for the past 4-5 years.Awarded gold medal in Numerology.Silver medal Reiki course and tarot card reading. Apart from that I have knowledge of gemstones and diamonds and have done certificate courses in diamonds and gemstones from IIGJ, DELHI

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