30Yrs Experience

I am a wife and mother who enjoys helping people find their happiest life. I believe that by making the right choices at key times in your life you can change your path to be almost anything you want it to be. Whether you have concerns about love, career, or just your life path in general I would love to help!

I read Tarot, Runes, and I can do readings clairvoyantly, or with my pendulum and crystals. I also offer mediumship readings to help connect with those that have passed over. I tailor each reading to the person, offering the tools and methods that I feel will help them the most. Please feel free to ask if you have specific methods or tools that you would like me to use to help you find your answers.

I began reading Tarot for friends and family over 30 years ago for fun. I soon realized that I had a real gift for reading and that I could use it to help others and I have been doing so ever since. I have found that divination tools are just that, tools that help me tap into information that can help others make the choices in their life that will lead to the most happiness. I would love to help you find the answers that you need today.

Rating & Review

  • chasethewind Date: 15.07.2021

    Thank you

  • chasethewind Date: 12.07.2021

    Thank you

  • lauren28 Date: 12.07.2021

    Thank you!

  • Tubbs Date: 11.07.2021

    Completely inaccurate. Waste of money and she was so rude about things.

  • Che24 Date: 11.07.2021


  • Jamie Grace Mitchell Date: 10.07.2021

    She is extremely accurate, it’s scary, in a good way. Thank you for answering all of my questions!💛

  • brandy223 Date: 09.07.2021

    Thank you as always for your insight and honesty😃

  • astrosticky Date: 08.07.2021

    Back to back readings completely contradicted herself. Made absolutely no sense. I have no problem hearing what I don’t want to but this was a bit ridiculous. Regarding the same person one day it was a very positive direction and the next reading was so far off from the first

  • miah Date: 08.07.2021

    Thank you so much

  • swaggs Date: 08.07.2021

    Ok. Thanks so much!

  • Tammy Date: 07.07.2021

    You have been most helpful. You have put my mind and my heart at ease. Thank you.

  • DK0893 Date: 07.07.2021

    Amazing & so helpful.

  • lala Date: 07.07.2021

    Joy's reading is so accurate. She's always so on point! Thank you so much!!

  • Bernie Date: 07.07.2021

    Thank u 😊

  • ssshefts Date: 03.07.2021

    Feels honest and accurate

  • ssshefts Date: 03.07.2021

    Quick response

  • Sharon Date: 01.07.2021

    Thank you as always Joy❤️

  • Brittany Date: 01.07.2021

    Thank you

  • Amanda Date: 27.06.2021

    Thank you I really hope it’s someone new

  • Kaylee Gallington Date: 27.06.2021

    Thank you spot on