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My name is Maxine and I am a grateful mother of two beautiful girls. We love to spend the summer at the beach and spending time enjoying life together. I have a very musical family and music has always been a significant part of who I am. I love being a mom and it is the one thing that I would say defines my life. I love my work and what I am able to offer to others because of it. I enjoy meeting new people and being able to connect with them in a place of their lives they may feel nobody else truly can understand. I love to be able to give something from the gifts I have been blessed with. 


The way I typically work is very simple and laid back. I want you to feel comfortable with me and it will make for a great reading when there is an open energy between us. I will ask for a name and dob and a question or area you would like me to focus on. And we move from there into the unknown of where the reading will take us. I will cater to the manner of what you would like in the reading as much as possible by using Tarot cards, Angel cards or the influence of my spiritual guides. I am an Empath first and foremost and I do have gifts of being a clairvoyant and clairaudient. I am able to sometimes connect with spirit as spirit decides and that does typically move into my readings whether it is your guides coming through or connections to your life. I see, hear and feel in my readings so along with your question being answered you may find other things are brought to the surface. I have always had lovely reviews from my clients as I try to be very real and open with what is going on in the readings. You are my priority within that time and I do my best to give you all that I am given. 

I have been giving readings for about 17 years in many different capacities. I knew I had a gift as a young girl but there were many years that were simply used in discovery and understanding to what they would mean for me. My gift is passed through my maternal female line so I share this with my mother, aunt and grandmother among, I am certain, many more in ancestry.  I am given much of what I see and hear from my spirit guides and there are times where other spirit connections are able to come through depending on the readings. I find great joy in my work and what I am able to give through my abilities. I hadn't intended years ago to start giving readings but it happened upon me and gave me an outlet for my gifts. For that, I could not be happier. 

Rating & Review

  • Latisha Date: 29.10.2019

    Thank you so much, you always help me put things in perspective. I know I’ll be ok I have been thus far. Things will get brighter in time.

  • jojow12345 Date: 29.10.2019

    Thank you

  • Briauna Date: 29.10.2019

    Thanks for being a guiding light to me

  • Same18 Date: 29.10.2019

    Thank you.

  • Briauna Date: 29.10.2019

    Understood thanks soooooooooooi much

  • daphne_danielle Date: 22.10.2019

    Hey Maxine! Just saw your last message. You Have no idea how this reading has cleared me for my next level in life. I was suffering before we spoke and just our little five mins was everything I needed to know. More than an advisor. I can tell she really cares!

  • Carol Wrobel Date: 21.10.2019

    she's actually really good

  • AlyssaF90 Date: 21.10.2019

    Thank you ❤️

  • lowendtheory Date: 21.10.2019

    Thank you so much. I really needed to hear that and it was well worth it❤️✨

  • sunshinetg Date: 21.10.2019

    Generalized from age gap. 9 other psychics said the exact opposite

  • christine81 Date: 21.10.2019

    Hon there’s so much more .. there a good and bad he has told me he loves me and is shy to see me . He has a lot of issues too

  • Veronicatierr Date: 03.10.2019

    you are amazing. thank you so much for your honesty, detail and making things so clear. best reading I've had on this site.

  • hummingbird Date: 01.10.2019

    Thank you. Accurate.

  • valentina Date: 30.09.2019


  • valentina Date: 30.09.2019

    Thank you

  • Taya Date: 30.09.2019

    Extremely hard pill to swallow but excellent detailed reading.

  • stef Date: 18.09.2019

    she is great!!

  • swaggs Date: 18.09.2019

    Thanks so much! I really had a feeling this was going on. I really appreciate your help so much!

  • swaggs Date: 18.09.2019

    Ok that sounds very hopeful! Thanks so much!

  • precious16 Date: 14.09.2019

    Thank you ! I really love this person and will prob leave my situation bc I’m not happy in it !