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As an intuitive reader, I am here to help. I am naturally clairaudient (I can 'hear' things) and clairsentient (I 'know' things): names, words, numbers, images, feelings and other details will 'pop' into my head during a reading. It's almost as if they're whispered or shown to me. This can happen randomly in my day-to-day life, too! There is no exact science to this, but it usually happens when I have a good connection to the person/people around me. Physical distance is no barrier, either. I believe these messages are coming directly from Source energy, Spirit, Higher Self — whatever term resonates with you.  In other news, a few of my favourite things include thunderstorms, dogs, a good movie and all things chocolate!


I love to use Tarot cards and, often, oracle cards and a rose quartz pendulum in my readings. The artwork and symbolism of the Tarot are like a spiritual language; they provide a rich tapestry to work with. It’s my job to interpret whatever I see, according to question(s) asked and the context of the reading. Sometimes, I read without cards, but I prefer to have a visual representation of a situation.  Life is a journey and it’s not all rainbows; there are storms, too. My goal is to provide support, clarity, guidance; answers to whatever is stealing your peace of mind. I want to assist you in moving forwards so that you can live your best life.


I have been reading professionally for around ten years, but I’ve been aware of my quirkiness and spiritual gifts for much longer than this: decades, in fact. I come from a family of psychics and spiritualists of varying abilities — so I was introduced to the idea that there is something else beyond our human existence and our limited, five senses — at a young age.   I started reading the Tarot in my teens and soon realized what an incredibly beautiful, invaluable tool it is. The power lies not in the cards, per se, but my intuition. The cards depict chapters of the story and my intuition pieces them together so that the bigger picture unfolds. 

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