Professional Psychic Reader


I am a natural born psychic and gifted reader who has been performing honest intuitive psychic readings for well over a decade. My natural gifts include empathy, clairsentience, and intuition.  I received my first deck of tarot cards over two decades ago. Since that time, I have been studying various forms of divination including tarot, oracle cards, pendulum, intuition, clairsentience and empathic abilities.  My training includes psychic development, astrology, parapsychology, reiki energy healing, chakra balancing, meditation and spiritual coaching.


Do you need some guidance and clarity about your current circumstances or direction in life? Are you feeling stuck and need some direction? Let me help you get the answers that you need to move forward. I can answer your questions about life, love, romance, and the little things in between. I use my energetic training to tune into your energy. I use my natural gifts of intuition, empathy and clairsentience to get a clear sense of your situation. I also use tools such as angel cards, tarot cards, and a pendulum to clarify the information I am receiving. I combine my natural talents and training to provide the answers and guidance that you desire and deserve. I begin every reading with the intent to provide you with the best possible reading for the good of all. A connection is made when I tune into your energy and the energy surrounding you. I get a sense of your situation and the answers to your questions. I then use tarot or oracle cards to verify the information I am receiving. I use this process to get you the answers that you desire and deserve.


My practice and study into divination and psychic energy began when I was introduced to my first set of Oracle Cards over twenty years ago.  Initially, I practiced on myself, family and friends while I continued learning and practicing.  The hobby became a passion of mine and I wanted to share those gifts with the world. For over ten years, I have been providing professional readings with honesty, compassion and empathy.  I continue to study and grow as a professional because I believe that you never stop learning.

Rating & Review

  • jp Date: 14.07.2021

    Thank you

  • Cel Date: 12.07.2021

    Not helpful already knew that. No insight. Waste of money

  • Eleanor Marie Nario Date: 12.07.2021

    Thanks again! Nice insights. Awesome.🙂😀

  • Courtney Date: 12.07.2021

    That’s music to my Ears… thank you soo soo much .. you’re amazing

  • Courtney Date: 11.07.2021

    Thank you, that makes me so very happy!!! You’re awesome!!

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    Accurate and precise.

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    Thank you!

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  • ssshefts Date: 03.07.2021

    Couldn’t answer one of my questions but was honest about it and helpful

  • Eugene Date: 01.07.2021

    Thank you for always being honest

  • Adrian Date: 28.06.2021

    Didn’t tell me anything i don’t already know or that I’m already working on

  • Heather Date: 27.06.2021

    Thank You!

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  • Christal Garrison Date: 24.06.2021

    Thank you

  • astridpoon Date: 23.06.2021

    She is excellent

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    Thank you for the reading! 😊

  • binkyp86 Date: 21.06.2021

    Very brief

  • Sunshine46 Date: 21.06.2021

    Thank you!