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Relationship Specialist

About Me
I was born a Righteous Seer and my spiritual gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Clairsentience were revealed to myself and my family by the age of 5. At this early age, I was already having Visions and seeing Auric symbols and energy patterns of those around me. I also began receiving Spiritual information regarding messages from the Holy Angels in my dreams. Compassionate and understanding with a Theology background I love to empower my clients with the skills needed to also master their manifesting.

My Experience
A God based reader for over 24 years online giving Psychic Readings with Spiritual Life Coaching via Chat and Text. I receive my Visions and Information directly from the Holy Angels seeing symbols and electrical patterns of energy in your Aura. I also receive messages directly from the Angels. Student of Numerology and Dream Interpretation as well as Expert in Tarot but I need no tools.

My Services
Psychic Readings / Spiritual Life Coaching / Couple reconnections / Career Counseling.
Numerology readings for singles or couples and Dream Interpretation. Theology study.

Available in Text and Chat.

Rating & Review

  • Reeka83 Date: 14.07.2021


  • starfish05 Date: 14.07.2021

    Thanks Kat for talking with me about my situation and giving me advice and guidance I feel like she’s accurate with everything!

  • Queen5437 Date: 14.07.2021

    This conversation with Kat really shifted my mood for the better. I thank her so much for helping today, I really needed it ❤️

  • Leigh Date: 14.07.2021

    Thank you Kat for reassuring me and what to focus on . I will also when my back heals start exercising to strengthen up .❤️❤️

  • Susan Date: 14.07.2021

    Kat thanks! I agree!

  • katem87 Date: 13.07.2021

    Kat, he is a libra ♎️ 26 sept 1986 can u send me an Info message for his numerology… sorry forgot to tell u before x

  • Leigh Date: 12.07.2021

    Kat I hope your coming on soon my thoughts are getting the better of me .

  • Susan Date: 10.07.2021

    Kat. Thank you

  • Susan Date: 10.07.2021

    Always a great reader

  • keeeb Date: 09.07.2021

    Awe thank you 😭

  • Leigh Date: 09.07.2021

    Thank you for all your advice always ! For always helping me strengthen my connection to God as well and to be more aware and grateful for the miracles he bestowed upon me like the trip and seeing Sean!

  • Susan Date: 09.07.2021

    Kat, you made my day!

  • Susan Date: 09.07.2021

    Kat, I’m not sure he’s a slowing down person. I’m letting go and letting God!

  • Cabbioo Date: 07.07.2021

    Really need you Kat!!

  • Gerilynn Date: 06.07.2021

    Thank you 🙌🏻🤗🙌🏻🤗

  • Love Date: 06.07.2021

    Your prediction was right he told me happy birthday super early today!

  • Leigh Date: 05.07.2021

    Kat I am so sad leaving my vacation that can’t stop crying .

  • Leigh Date: 04.07.2021

    Thank you Kat . This whole trip was a blessing from God ! I couldn’t be any more grateful !

  • Leigh Date: 03.07.2021

    Thank you so much Kat !❤️❤️I am going to take your advice .

  • Vanessa Date: 03.07.2021