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Thea Faith


Medium and Psychic

About Me

Hi and welcome. I am Thea Faith, I am a Psychic, Medium and Empath. I come from a background of Psychics and Empaths, and was lucky to have a family who could help me to understand my gift and help guide me. From an early age I could see spirits and interact with them, this was a scary experience for a small child, luckily my grandmother was always on hand to explain and reassure me. As I grew older I found new areas of my gift too, I realized that I could pick up on peoples' emotions feelings and thoughts which was very overwhelming for me. As the years passed I learned how to control it. I started performing readings as young adult for friends and acquaintances until I felt confident to perform readings for others along with remote viewing readings too.  I have always known that I was put on this earth to help people, I always seem to be drawn to others who need help, I use my gift to do what I can and hopefully make a difference.

My Services
I use my clairsentient, clairaudient,and claircognizance abilities to perform my readings.  I can perform remote viewing readings from a photograph of yourself, pet or the person you would like information on. If you don't have photograph to hand, any information you can give me eg: Name, date of birth of yourself or person you have a question about.  I can help with any question you may have on : life, family, love,work, friends etc. If you want to know about a loved one or pet that has passed on, I can provide you with the answers that you are after. If you could send me photograph of the loved one or pet to help me to connect to them. Lost item? I can help you find it. If you send me a description of the item or photograph ( if you have one) when you lost the item and where it was last seen. 

My Experience

Over the last 16 years I  have;
• performed face to face readings
• performed remote viewing readings
• helped people connect with loved ones and pets who have passed on and bring closure.
• helped people find missing personal items that they had lost.
• On several occasions I have been instrumental in helping spirits cross over, this was a really incredible experience.

Rating & Review