Tarot Reader and Numerologist


About Me:

 I carry five PG (masters) degrees in business management, engineering and econometrics and have 20 years of an illustrious corporate career in marketing, digital dexterity, L&D, and customer service, in leading MNCs across the world. Having traveled more than 50 countries and had cross-cultural exposure to four continents - Asia, Europe, Australia-New Zealand, and the US, I firmly believe that I have this uncanny knack of empathizing, solving personal problems, and building relationships bridges with people from diverse cultures. With fluent English and a smattering of German, besides Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi from India, I can comfortably interact with people from all accents and cultures. All through, I have been informally practicing my skills on Vedic Astrology, Palm Reading, Psychic Tarot Readings and Numerology for more than a decade now and have been found to be quite accurate. As I have now attained formal programs on Tarot Reading, I wish to start my psychic journey with whom else but `Psychictxt\' as a professional Tarot reader to start with and slowly graduate myself to Psychic, Numerology and Palm readings as I get formal certifications and more confidence in the same. My motto is making people understand the problems they may face, make their own efforts to escape those with advanced preparations, to be able to face the same if inevitable and stay happy, healthy and spiritual, whatever \'name of God\' they follow or even if they happen to be non-believers. I wish to handhold them for their peaceful, spiritual and happy journeys ever onward. Money is only a by-product and secondary outcome, happiness and satisfaction of people and clients and society at large is my life\'s objective, going forward.


 Psychic Tarot Readings, to start with. Later in another 6 months - Numerology, Psychic & Palm readings, hopefully.


 More than 10 years as an amateur clairvoyant. In Vedic Astrology for more than 10 years but no formal qualifications on the subject so not taking up as a profession as yet. Tarot reading and numerology being practiced for more than 15 years now through the training from my Guru. Formal qualifications on Udemy attained (Numerology & Tarot) in 2021. Have been found to be near-accurate in my readings of friends, neighbors and family.

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