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Intuitive Spiritual Guide

ABOUT JENNIFER: I am an empath, gifted Angel Card reader, intuitive spiritual guide and life coach and have been so for over 12 years.  I offer many services but will endeavour to tailor them to a person's needs, so there is nothing generic here.  After all, "one size never suits all".  Please bear in mind that I offer clarity, sensitivity and above all honesty in my readings and never sugarcoat them in any shape or form.  Furthermore, as much as I shall give what I 100% believe to be the case, I cannot, should not, do not and will not make guarantees to people.  After all, only God could do that nobody else. 

Please note:  As time, in spirit, does not exist, I do not and cannot give exact time frames for the manifestation of events in the future.  Furthermore, here in the fourth dimension, how slowly or quickly anything happens can be influenced strongly by the Law of Attraction, which can be discussed in the reading.  However, I can and often do give spiritual interpretations of what has happened in the past.  By doing so, the individual can understand why it happened and move on, positively, with their lives as a result.


  • Angel Card readings with the help of spirit guides
  • Spiritual Relationship Counselling (including divorce and separation)
  • Emotional Healing from past traumas
  • Partnership potential and compatibility
  • Teacher in the Law of Attraction
  • Dream Analysis
  • Dealing with and Diffusing Negativity
  • Spiritual Grief Counselling
  • Spiritual Growth and Development
  • Psychic Agony Aunt
  • For anything else - just ask!

Please kindly note that I do not practise mediumship or predict on any matters relating to health, including pregnancy.

I ask all potential customers to be of an open-minded and open heart when they contact me as this helps me connect with them better.  Furthermore, the more I can connect with them, the better I can read for them.  It is as simple as that.  However, this is not the place to vent one's anger, which can sometimes result in my not connecting with the client and being followed by a negative review.  Please kindly bear this in mind before contacting me.  Please also note that an individual's free will must be honoured and respected.  Therefore, if it is shown that a person in the client's life is or has made a particular decision that is not in accordance with what the client wants, then this will be delivered to the client with sensitivity and honesty.  After all, I am both morally and professionally obliged to provide the truth to people at all times.

As well as giving readings and spiritual advice, I also like to empower the client to know for themselves.  After all, we are all connected to The Divine, which communicates with us instinctively.  If necessary, ways and means of connecting with one's own intuition shall be given to the client in their reading.  Please do kindly bear in mind that some of the spiritual advice may be deemed practical, but then again, we live in a practical world, says spirit, so a practical approach to life's issues is to be expected. 

On a final note, I should like to make the reader aware that the future is not just predictable but is also influential.  What an empowering thought!  Therefore, when I open a reading for someone, I see what their opportunities are and, yes, what challenges and hurdles may lie on their path.  Trust me, I will see both.  Doing so can help an individual plan ahead, and prepare their future for the best while hopefully minimizing their hurdles and seizing the best opportunities so they can enhance their lives for the greater good.

MY EXPERIENCE I distinctly remember spirit making contact with me and giving me insights into the future at the tender age of 16 years, i.e. almost 46 years ago.  Coming from a family of Romany travellers, I inherited the gift of predicting the future from my paternal grandmother.  However, for more than 30 years, I worked in the administration and secretarial field, but thankfully, my spirit guides remained with me and offered me guidance and comfort in all areas of my personal life during these years.  Nevertheless, approximately 12 years ago, I became so dissatisfied with my job, I decided to turn my passion for spiritual work into my business.  Doing so was indeed one of the best decisions in my life, and I have never looked back.  Indeed, helping people is my passion, and if I can help anyone in any shape or form, it is always my pleasure to do so.

With the permission of my client and my guides, I always like to draw on my own life experience when it comes to helping and empowering others.  Indeed, I have had my fair share of problems that range from a very challenging childhood, traumatic teen years, alcohol dependency in family members, job losses, and financial hardship.  I also had my son at 42 years of age, and he was born three months prematurely (this was not age-related).  Today he has both High Functioning Autism and ADHD.  Sharing this information, however, is not a means of extracting sympathy.  Far from it but instead to convey that if spirit can help me overcome my problems in life (which they have), then via myself, they could do the same for you!

Over the last 12 years or more, I have helped, quite literally, thousands of people in all areas of their lives, from dealing with relationship issues to activating professional progression and coping with loneliness and grief.  Indeed, there have not been many problems I have not dealt with.  Furthermore, I have predicted forthcoming marriages in my own family (all with 100% accuracy) and close friends and associates. 

Whatever your problems or issues, I look forward to hearing from you and spiritually guiding you to a better earthly experience.



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