Gifted Soul Tarot Readings



Hi, there beautiful souls,  GiftedSoul here!  I'm a psychic, Life coach, and spiritualist with a host of other gifts. I connect with angels and spirit guides to channel messages, receive answers to your questions and give insight along with other resources, tools, and abilities. I share my talents with quite a few platforms on the internet which has given me more of an outlet into helping others to their highest potential.  I want nothing, but the best for each and every person who crosses my path. If you are looking for an accurate and honest reader who is nonjudgmental and helps you figure out the root of your problems, I am the reader for you! I am not perfect but dedicate a lot of my time and energy to helping you make the best out of your life. I am not only about predictions, my mission is to uplift you and give you what you need so that you can focus on how to move forward in one or all aspects of your life.


My specialties include,but are not limited to the following

  • Love & Relationships 
  • Past Life Regression
  • Career & Finances 
  • Dream Interpretation 
  • Manifestation 
  • Reiki Healing 
  • Spiritual path

(Pretty much anything you need clarity on I can look into) 

Please refrain from asking questions related to health (including mental health),  death, pregnancy /fertility, or any other medical disorders or diagnosis as  I am not a licensed therapist, psychologist, or medical physician.

All I need is your first name or initials to connect to your energy and those asked about. I don't always need that, but sometimes it comes in handy.

I do not need your date of birth or zodiac sign as I am a psychic and I just read energy. I always over look this information. 

Photos are not required.


Professionally: Almost 8 years, although born with psychic abilities. I tapped more into them when I was older and now understand what they are and how to utilize them to assist not only myself but others in their life path journey. 

Please keep in mind that while I do possess psychic abilities I am not God and give you what I see in the current energy whether it be right or wrong.  All consults are for entertainment purposes only and are not at all to substitute for any legal, medical, financial or any other type of advice given to you by a qualified professional. FREE WILL  is the way of life and we are all in control over our own destiny in the end! 

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