Leah Gabriel


Tarot Consultant

About Leah Gabriel: 

I am a born intuitive empath, with all of the clairs. After many challenging life experiences, and a spiritual awakening I have become passionate about self-discovery, and healing my own wounds through Tarot and Astrology. This has enabled me to connect with others on an even deeper level and help guide them on their own journey. I have studied Tarot for 5 years and am currently in college to become an Addiction Therapist. I specialize in Love and Relationships, Career, Family, Spiritual Transformation, Shadow Work, and Life Purpose. My style is a consultative approach, helping you identify blockages within your energy and come to a solution.

My Services:

I have been reading tarot for 4 years, and also reiki healing. I primarily channel through automatic writing, but I am always willing to do voice readings as well.

My Experience:

My experience is limited, as I am just beginning to share my gifts with the world. I have done countless readings through social media, all with positive feedback, as well as readings in my community. I am also a member of online platforms with classes and I volunteer as well.

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