John Victorio


Compassionate Tarot


Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is John and I specialize in reading for personal life, relationships, and creative expression. As a former counselor for LGBTQ+ youth and adults, I am very aware of how people need to be viewed with empathy and humanity and will speak to you with compassion.


Whether you want to know more about how to tap into your spiritual or creative life, or if you want to know how to care more for your inner self, my goal is to provide you with a unique perspective of your journey. No drama and no judgment... If you feel lonely and want to see the world through different eyes... If you need a friend, I am here.


My interest in tarot and my spiritual practice started early in my youth, but I only turned it into an intimate practice about fifteen years ago, when I finally became more confident in my own sexual, gender, and spiritual identity. Being the only person deeply interested in craftwork in my family, I had to learn everything from the kindness and wisdom of others, and honed it through years of gentle application.

This is bolstered by a history of crisis counseling for LGBTQ+ youth, which helps in identifying and meeting the wants, needs, and limitations when speaking to you. I also have over two decades of theater, performance, and visual arts experience, which can contribute to my understanding of your creative process.

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