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I am a 5th generation clairvoyant/audient/sentient natural empathic psychic and have had my abilities since birth. Since the age of 15 I've been working with psychics and and spiritual advisors to help hone my abilities and master the art of reading for others. I have been reading professionally for over 15 years and have helped many find success and happiness in their lives and pride myself on my accuracy and professionalism to help give you the best reading possible. I strive to be the best so you can receive the best

I specialize in reading the past, present, future, love/relationships 💙 , business/finance, as well as energy reading to help center and balance ones energy in order to help you reach your path to success and am strongest at empathic love readings to help guide you toward happiness and fulfill your hearts desires. I do not read on pregnancy matters or connect with passed loved ones.

I have been a licensed psychic for 15 years and have helped people from all walks of life, achieve happiness. I've owned several psychic shops of my own and have been featured on the local news (both print as well as televised) I've also been hired for events, both private and public and have used my abilities to help others, and am ready to help you  🤓

Rating & Review

  • Gabrielle Boone Date: 03.07.2021

    Thank you. You’re right. I keep hearing- “He couldnt even if he tried” Which is true. Bc Tbh I am a saint. I literally Help everyone. I am nice to everyone. Everyone knows me and He may have been able to pspread lies about other people but maybe they will see now how much of a lir he really is. I won’t let him control me. Thank you!

  • Gabrielle Boone Date: 03.07.2021

    I have used this app and Milano for 6 years and he’s never been wrong. I hardly ever hear the thing I want- But I hear the truth. He’s predicted so much for me and it always happens exactly as he says. THANKS MILANO

  • Jamie Grace Mitchell Date: 01.07.2021

    Milano! You’re the best! Please come back!

  • Jamie Grace Mitchell Date: 27.06.2021

    This guy’s the only person I trust on this app. Thank you for answering all my questions! You’re the best!

  • Linda Date: 26.06.2021

    Thank you.

  • Jen Date: 25.06.2021

    Your prediction from yesterday already came true

  • swaggs Date: 24.06.2021

    Thank you so much!

  • Jamie Grace Mitchell Date: 19.06.2021

    My main man right here! He’s awesome!

  • Date: 12.06.2021

    He is exactly right I didn’t even tell him a goal which was 3 months and he knew accurate ❤️❤️❤️

  • DA87 Date: 11.06.2021

    thank you sir!was able to pick it up so quick and so precise.I am amazed.Thank you sir,keep up the good work

  • keeeb Date: 03.06.2021

    Thank you for your insights!

  • Honey Date: 29.05.2021

    Thank you !!

  • Honey Date: 29.05.2021

    Thank you!

  • Bailey Date: 29.05.2021

    He was great, so kind and spot on!

  • Meaghan Date: 29.05.2021

    Awesome reacting! Thank you so much!

  • keeeb Date: 28.05.2021

    Thank you ❤️

  • keeeb Date: 28.05.2021

    Thank you for your insights ❤️

  • Nina Date: 22.05.2021

    I do need another vacay and self-care days! Thanks!

  • keeeb Date: 21.05.2021


  • keeeb Date: 15.05.2021

    Thank you