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Taurean Eye


A Spiritual Mirror

Brandy's Taurean Eye

About Me- 

I'm a Taurus by Sunlight & Aquarius under the moon, Aries With Passion.  My entire life is experience, As I was born with multiple talents. I have an array of hobbies.  Aesthetic Spiritual Photography, Reading, Study on esoteric, holistic health and I do TNR, I take over 50% of my income to rescue, fix and feed stray animals. I have always been able to sense spirits, speak to them in my "Limbo" stage, and see behavioral issues behind people's inquiry.  I am a Spiritual Mirror that will inspire who you know you can be, or I will trigger your unhealed parts.  The Shadow Worker in me, see's what needs to be overcome the most energetically to help you on your journey.


My Services-

I offer a different perspective. I am here to help you past milestones in your life.  It could be deep, or very simple.  Spirit shows me what the block is in the current, that has everything to do with your situation.  I am a Healer, a Mirror who reflects the shadow so we can overcome it.



My entire life is my experience, my bloodline as well.  Gypsy/ Native background. I have only been in the public domain of spiritualism for the last 5 years. 

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