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Taurean Eye


A Spiritual Mirror

Brandy's Taurean Eye

Hey, I'm Brandy. I come from a Bloodline that is Native & Gypsy. I rule Karma, Death, Destruction and walk in Limbo This has been my entire existence, I am also a Healer. I do Humane work in all forms on my "Free Time" I'm an Old Soul and I tell it truthfully.

I have 8 Years in the "psychic community" Some of you may already know me, and some of you need to :) I have helped many get to the core issue to start a healthier journey.

Psychic Medium
Shadow Worker- This is To help you through the dark times, the root of it.
Spiritual Mirror- I may mimic you at given times depending on circumstances.  I will see the reflection.
Long Distance Energy Worker

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