Cardology and Clairvoyant


I’m a fourth-generation natural-born clairvoyant intuitive empath here to be a guide and messenger to help you on your journey to your true self.

I have a compassionate, friendly, non-judgmental, down-to-earth personality, and there’s nothing that you cannot discuss with me because I may have experienced it myself. Life experiences and challenges have been my greatest teacher and taught and now I’m here as a conduit, working closely with my higher self, ancestors, and spirit guides to bring forth the necessary messages you may need to hear, and the best course of action to take during a life challenge in areas of love, addictions, toxicity, family, friends, and spirituality.

When I’m not doing readings, I work on missing people cases, hot or cold cases, and my intention is to speak for victims that cannot speak for themselves.


I offer Numerology using both Pythagorean and Chaldean systems. Cardology, I can offer weekly and 7 week readings and what energies to prepare for. Reiki practitioner


I have over 7 yrs experience and experience from life challenges I myself had to go through to be a guide to other's.I use different modalities using Reiki with my own symbols that have been very helpful for those that need it  Certified Numerologist in Pythagorean and Chaldean System. Certified Reiki practitioner, SHAMBALAH REIKI HEALING 13 ASCENDED MASTERS, AND Angelic Realm I HAVE USED MANY DIFFERENT MODALITIES TO HEAL MYSELF loved ones, and others.3rd eye psychic training. Currently studying metaphysics and Vedic ennealogy human design. I am also a reiki healer practitioner and master level so many lessons along the way.


You are the book; everything you seek is within you. Life is my experience no book can teach you this. Learning human behavior patterns comes naturally to me and I always wanted to help anyone suffering, especially the black sheep. My main objective is to find solutions.  I am experienced in tarot, and oracle reading. Numerology and other modalities depend on the individual client. 

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