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Passionate Readings

About Me:

Welcome to my page ! I'm light4you Starting back many decades ago, being captivated by tarot.  I was privileged to learn tarot the old fashion way. Side by side my friends mother taught me how to weave a story using my intuition and tarot. Most people call this the organic way of learning. . A hands on experience passed down from generation to generation  I am grateful to have had that experience.   Tapping into the past, the present and the future. Now more than twenty years later, I have been online performing readings on a professional level. I am most experienced in chat readings, 

My Services:

I offer a five card spread that answers yes and no questions and gives details around the question you are asking. General readings are done in chat.  I specialize in the the areas of 

  • Affairs and cheating, Life questions, fortune telling
  • Break ups and Divorce, toxic relationships, friends and family
  • Finding new love, law of attraction, LQBTQ relationships 

My Experience:

In 2011, I received my life coaching certification. I am a mindset coach, working with you to break the barriers that you may not be aware of. Mixing the tarot and life coaching skills to give you the most accurate information available.   

I have many years of experience as an advisor online. Counseling clients using my empathic and intuitive skills with the tarot cards. Working online as a professional tarot reader I have worked with people all across the world. 

  • Attended Many psychic classes.
  • Started reading tarot twenty-three years ago.
  • Over 20 years’ experience with Online psychic readings on a professional level.
  • Participate in fundraising events such as St. Jude’s
  • Been on psychic text since 2023
  • Studied the law of attraction for over ten years 
  • Life Coaching Certification in 2011

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