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Janet Moon


Empathic Astrologer

Please do not send photos.
Photos interfere with my connection with my Spirit guide.


About Me
I'm a 68 year old multi-generational psychic, and I've got lots of experience. I've made plenty of mistakes in my life. So you can tell me anything, and I won't judge you. I grew up playing with Tarot cards and trips to the "fortune teller". I try to meditate every day to maintain a strong connection to my Spirit guide. And I often use candle magic to keep me in balance with the Universe.

My Services
Do you want the truth? I promise never to lie to you. Astrology is my primary form of divination. With just the month, day, and year you were born I
can see the foundation of your personality. If you include your birth place and birth time, I can see much deeper into you and even predict time frames when important events will happen. I also use other forms of divination, but my Spirit guide tells me the bulk of the information I receive. My specialty is relationships, and I can usually see the future very clearly. But my Spirit guide cannot tell time. So if you want a specific time frame, I will need your full birth info. I am not a medium. I cannot connect with passed over loved ones. And I am not a remote viewer. I can't find lost things. Also, my Spirit guide does not speak to me in words, so I cannot give you any names.

I've been doing psychic readings all my life, and I have been a professional internet psychic since 2001. I started as a telephone psychic with Cleo, for those of you old enough to remember her. And I have worked on many places on the internet since then. I have my degree in electrical engineering. I studied a lot of math and physics, and I use that in my understanding of astrology. And that's why I found myself pulled to astrology.

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