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About Me

I'm a 68 year old multi-generational psychic, and I've got lots of experience. I grew up with Tarot cards, reading palms, reading coffee grounds, horoscopes, and visits to the "fortune teller." My grandmother was a medium and a professional Tarot card reader for many years, until she saw a woman's death. After that she never turned a card again. My son and daughter also read Tarot for family and friends, and my daughter is doing some professional medium readings.

My Services

Astrology is my primary form of divination. With just the month, day, and year you were born I can see the foundation of your personality. If you include your birth place and birth time, I can see much deeper into you and even predict time frames when important events will happen.

I also use other forms of divination, but my Spirit guide tells me the bulk of the information I receive. My specialty is relationships: relationships with your partner, relationships with your children, relationships with parents and siblings, relationships with coworkers, and more. I can offer insight to your past, present, and future relationship issues, career opportunities, family events, and personal and spiritual growth. I can predict new or renewed love, a sudden crisis, unfaithful partners, abundance or losses, or travel, just to name a few.

Please do not send photos. They just distract me. And please do not tell me what another psychic said. Each psychic sees a piece of the puzzle, but it's up to you to put the pieces together to get the whole message.

My Experience

I've been doing psychic readings all my life, and I have been a professional internet psychic since 2001, shortly after 9/11.

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