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Empath, Horoscope and Palm Reader 💙



I am a truthful advisor. I believe that it is my duty to provide you with the best and most accurate answers to help you overcome any obstacles relating to any matter of your life. I can guide you towards the most fruitful path of your life. I have been doing meditation for past 25 years which helps me to have a better understanding of astrology and to connect spiritually and in clarity of perception. I am constantly trying to expand and improve my knowledge in this subject so that I can provide more and better predictions. I am currently doing research in Vedic astrology under renowned astrologer, K.N Rao. The reason I am interested in occult science is that I always loved to be a part of people’s happiness and I will be doing this by providing answers and solutions to all those who seek my help. I am an experienced palmist who has given hundreds of palm readings to clients.


I can give you consultations in various fields such astrology, palm reading and tarot card reading as I am a certified astrologer, palmist and tarot reader. I am also a dream analyzer which means that I am able to tell you the significance and meaning of your dreams. I am able to predict a person’s future and tell about their past even if they don’t know their birth date or location of birth. I can give you solutions about your career, family, children, marriage, love life, health, horoscope matching, etc and I can also provide the time and duration of certain activities For example: I can give the best time for you to marry your significant other so that it leads to happy and long lasting marriage. I will help you find the best path for you to take in order to achieve happiness or gain success. I will answer every question you have to ask me either it’s too big or too small.

I also offer palm readings to my clients and can give you a video reading answering your questions based on the palm lines of your hands.


I have been practicing astrology for four years professionally, even though I may not have been in business for far too long, I have helped numerous people find happiness and lead them to a path of success through various seminars and workshops and all of my predictions have been very precise. Even before starting my courses in astrology, I have been studying it for a long time and I am still trying to learn more and more about it through various people, internet, etc. I have helped many people to get rid of their nightmares through my knowledge in dream analysis. In my many various consultations, I have provided many solutions to people who were really depressed and helped them be happy again.

Rating & Review

  • Emerald Date: 15.07.2021

    Thank you so much Anamika. It is so nice to hear that there is someone else out there a person who is praying for my happiness, well-being and success. Thank you for that…..

  • SABS Date: 09.07.2021

    Thank you very much for your insight!

  • Leigh Date: 08.07.2021

    You missed one of my questions . When will I see him again ?

  • Leigh Date: 08.07.2021

    Thank you fir all your readings .

  • Renuka Sharma Date: 07.07.2021

    Wow thank you 🙏🏼 ❤️

  • Maria Date: 07.07.2021

    Wish we had longer chat! Will definitely go to again!

  • Love Date: 06.07.2021

    Anamika you’re prediction came true he told me happy birthday today Super early this morning!!!!

  • Honey Date: 06.07.2021

    Ok. 🙏❤️🙏thank you as always

  • Love Date: 06.07.2021

    Prediction came true he told me happy birthday!

  • Honey Date: 05.07.2021

    I know you are right ❤️

  • pel Date: 05.07.2021

    Wonderful reading ! Ran out of credits and got disconnected and didn’t get to say thank you !!!

  • Leigh Date: 02.07.2021

    Thank you for always being positive .

  • Renuka Sharma Date: 29.06.2021

    Thanks love 💕😘

  • Emerald Date: 29.06.2021

    I’m so thankful to you Anamika for this insight

  • Teri Date: 28.06.2021

    Real psychic! Love her reading

  • Leigh Date: 26.06.2021

    You don’t have to see it for it to happen I can make it happen in my own beliefs

  • Susan Date: 25.06.2021

    A nice reader

  • NewLight Date: 25.06.2021

    Somethings have so far happened!! You were accurate. Waiting for the remainder predictions! Thank you!!

  • Emerald Date: 25.06.2021

    Thank you so much Anamika….

  • Abby Date: 24.06.2021