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Psychic Tips To Ensure a Wonderful Holiday!

Psychic Tips To Ensure a Wonderful Holiday!

Christmas“It’s the most wonderful time of year.” All of us would like to live and breathe every wonderful moment of the upcoming holiday, but doing so can be quite difficult at times! While the holidays are a time for all of us to set aside our frustrations, worries, and anxiety, they can also be a time that exacerbates all of those difficult feelings even more. Last minute shopping, relationship issues, and the dread associated with family fights can take a season full of love and beauty and turn it into a true nightmare.

It’s important to all of us at Psychic Txt that each of you get the opportunity to enjoy your holiday, so please check out these tips our Psychics have put together for you. Don’t forget you do deserve to immerse yourself in the splendor associated with this beautiful time of year.

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmas-time.” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder



lizprofile_1213Psychic Liz

#1 Recycling Family Responses

Dealing with difficult family members during the holidays can absorb a lot of negative energies and can sometimes ruin a wonderful holiday. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself make sense of the hurt you feel and transform it into a deeper energy. By understanding your pain, you open your inner self and solar plexus to accept more light and love.

#2 Don’t Forget Yourself!
Holidays are about love and giving. Don’t forget to also celebrate who you are, who you’ve become, and who you truly wish to be. Remind yourself that after all the hardship and struggles, you are still here, strong and moving forward!

#3 A Single Life For Me…
If you are single during this time of year it can get a bit lonely. This is the time to expand your awareness whether the relationship was long term or whether it has been years since your last date. Your solar plexus has the answers. All you need is to build self-esteem and stop looking outward for approval or answers- look inside and absorb the good feeing of the holidays.



laurieprofile1109Psychic Laurie

#1 – Gemstones have been reputed throughout history to have many healing qualities.  I recommend wearing an item of jewelry made with Black Tourmaline.  You can also simply carry a black tourmaline stone during crazy holiday activities to help keep you grounded.  This stone is revered for it’s qualities of transforming hectic or negative energy into positive.

#2 – If you find yourself overwhelmed by large groups of people such as we find during the holidays take a small break.  Find a place of solitude for a few short moments and breathe deeply while visualizing that heavy energy flowing into the earth.  This can help clear yourself so you can continue to enjoy the festivities in a balanced way.



dollseyPsychic Amber

The Holidays are more stressful and overwhelming then your typical days. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a few suggestions that can guide you through this with positivity and hope.
#1 – Always make time for yourself even if it’s 5 minutes a day.
#2 -Don’t plan more than you can handle.
#3 -Be positive and be around people who you truly care about and that care for you.
#4 -When you start to feel overwhelmed meditate for peace and comfort.
And lastly, always remember why we celebrate this holiday season. The true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate peace and joy and to share God’s grace with the people we love.


slimdivider nancyprofilePsychic Nancy

Project a positive atmosphere this holiday season. That means you should see your company coming in with smiles on their faces. Imagine they are enjoying your food, toasting good wine , and also see the kids opening up their gifts and being happy! Don’t think negative thoughts like, “Are my kids gonna like their stuff? ” or “Am I gonna burn the turkey?” Have positive thoughts and burn white candles. Having fresh cranberries by the candle will also help to bring peace over the whole atmosphere.




Psychic Ginger

#1: Visual meditation for 5/10 minutes in the morning can help ensure a balanced day with a positive outcome and help to eliminate holiday stress

#2: If you want to have a great day, believe in it, feel it, and thank the universe even before it’s a reality

#3: Don’t forget your life is beautiful! You just have to see it



If you would like further help dealing with stress this holdiay or want to find out what to expect, reach out directly to any one of our trained spiritual advisors. We have the help, support, guidance, and answers you need to ensure an even better tomorrow.