Relationships Vs Situationships

Relationships Vs Situationships

By: Psychic Rhonda

I wanted to touch base on distinguishing the difference between relationships and situationships. Relationships of course, mean two people with mutual feelings and goals of working towards something more permanent (i.e. marriage, family, etc). A situationship is basically something more casual and usually leads nowhere. Only one person is interested in more and the other party is just going through the motions, so mostly a physical relationship or one without dating and the whole courtship process.

At times some people may not know the difference and look for advice on why their partner is not very open with them or why their partner doesn’t express their feelings and “holds back”. When in actuality they aren’t interested in pursuing anything more with them and they don’t consider it a relationship whatsoever. Also, if your partner has advised you in the beginning that they are not ready for a relationship, but you are and you continue to see them in hopes of having more then you are accepting their terms. You are basically saying “I will accept whatever I can get.” At this point, whatever you invest into this person and situation is totally up to you and is often not taken into consideration by your love interest. They have no obligation to you.

If you find yourself being the only giver and the only person putting in effort then this is not a mutual situation. You are in fact settling. The person is believing that you are doing these things by choice. You are also in a position to be taken advantage of easily. For you think that you are doing good deeds and making this person aware of what great of catch you are and they view you as a meal ticket..sad but often true. Love can be complicated at times but its never forced or bribed. Another example of a situaionship is going into a situation when your love interest is married or has a significant other. The terms are already in place before you decide to go further. You are a secondary party, not the primary.  You voluntarily accepted lowering your self-worth and agreeing to being placed on the back burner and being an option just to have the company or presence of this person. I know for some this is something that isn’t planned or perhaps you have known each other for many years before but either way, this is still settling.

Some people fall in love and want their love interest to leave their current partner and run away with them and live happily ever after when their love interest is simply enjoying their cake and eating it too and the possibility of a long term relationship or the thought of being committed to them has never even entered their mind! They are simply having fun while you are obsessing over them. I want my clients to feel comfortable to be open with me during readings and I never pass judgement because no one is perfect and there are times when you may have been at a low place in life. Just getting out of a bad relationship or perhaps freshly divorced, there are also things that people have experienced early in their childhood and such that have affected their self esteem. I simply want to advise my clients not to lose touch of the reality of the situation. You have to distinguish fantasy with the reality to better understand and know what choices are better for you.

I often have clients start off by asking for a reading regarding their “relationship” and I’m getting conflicting energy and it turns out this person is involved with someone else and they are totally aware of it. They don’t respond to their calls or messages and has told them repeatedly they only want to be friends. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know if things will change and how the feel or view you but you have to acknowledge some things for what they are. Its the only way to move forward. Awaiting someone’s beck and call isn’t a good feeling. Your life should never be placed on hold in order to receive love and affection. I feel everyone deserves to be loved. Trust your inner voice, if you feel you deserve better then you probably do. That is your conscious making you aware. Having certain expectations from someone who doesn’t see your value can really damage you emotionally. Its nothing to be embarrassed about, especially if this person actions are sometimes showing you otherwise. You have no choice but to be confused and at times, these situationships do develop.

My goal is to provide clarity so that you properly understand your situation and your options. No one has to settle for less, there is an abundance of love out in the world for everyone. If you would like honest insight on your particular circumstance, please feel free to reach out to me today. I will be glad to look into the energy and offer my honest and compassionate insight.

Love & Light!