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Removing Blocks To Awaken Love and Passion in Your Life

Removing Blocks To Awaken Love and Passion in Your Life


By:Psychic Laurie

It’s nearing that time of year when everything feels fresh and new with the coming of spring in the air.  It’s also a time when the ideas of love and romance begin blossoming in the minds of both the single and the otherwise taken.  Whether you are still trying to meet your special someone or you have been married for fifty years sometimes love and passion can seem elusive and unrelenting in its seeming distance.

It can sound quite cliche but bringing new love or reviving old love is most successful by first accepting yourself as you are.  Many times people go into romantic situations by pretending they are a different version of themselves.  This can hinder things drastically in the romance department as you not only attract people who are not good matches but you also instill in yourself a belief that you are not good enough.

Nothing throws a wrench in love like perpetuating an internal dialogue that says you are not worthy of it  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Bringing new love into your love, finding that perfect potential mate can only come about when you express to the world who you really are.  If you are someone who struggles with feeling good about yourself especially when it comes to finding love, it may be time to refresh your memory of what a great catch you actually are.

A good way to start is to put an end to self-deprecation.  Quit calling yourself stupid or pointing out all the things that you find wrong.  Sure we all have areas in our lives that we wish to improve but we don’t get there any faster by focusing on them.  Self-improvement takes focusing on what we want for ourselves and where we want to go rather than on what we don’t want and where we’ve been.  Focusing on the latter just keeps us stuck in the same lonely situation.

The next thing many people do without realizing it, is they put up an energetic block to ever finding the perfect partner.  “How?” you might ask.  If you have in your mind that you must achieve a certain dress size or a certain level in your career or education before you can meet that special someone, you are blocking that person from appearing in your life.  You either won’t notice them when they come along because you feel you aren’t ready to meet them yet, or you will unintentionally sabotage any chance you have with this person because you haven’t met your own self-imposed requirements.

All you have to do to get out of this block is to open your mind to the fact that whatever you are trying to achieve in your life is also part of what attracts compatible people and lovers to you.  People are not attracted to perfection, they are attracted toward drive and passion.  When you unapologetically pursue your goals with focus and precision you create a glowing attractive energy that is like a beacon to those who would share your journey with you.

At the end of the day that is what real love and companionship is.  It is the meeting of two beings whose lives are made whole and better by combining forces.  This is what real compatibility is all about.  You don’t have to be a perfect specimen of success and beauty to meet your partner.  You only need to be as in love with yourself and the in love with life to bring real true love to you.

Sometimes when we are in the midst of trying to break free from our own energetic blocks and patterns it can be helpful to have an intuitive eye to see what we cannot. In matters of the heart our trusted advisors can provide you with a clear and concise plan to help you break free from your limitations and ultimately bring a partner into your life that will connect with you on that deep soul level that we all crave.