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A true year of change, abundance and growth are ahead. We have triumphed through 2020! We; on the verge of a brand new fulfilling year, have much to look forward to! As the universe shifts, government changes take place, and internal realization manifests- this is a year to be ready for!


The following insight for the new year is to inspire and motivate everyone; for my prediction shows this year being very cherished! After much anticipation; 2021 is the year of the Ox, the Cow in Eastern Chinese Zodiac. Allowing us to relish in a new fundamentally stable, growing and fulfilling year of longevity. Like that of the oxen, a strong bold year is predicted! Not only can you accept more friendship, relationship healing; financial restoration and an internal focus of healing and recognition. We will sustain what we cultivate this year! A very strong year for marriage, finance and recovery.


This is a year of true growth, triumph and I sense more income, more relief checks, even a possibility of a monthly check delivering itself from the government. We will see medical changes and rapid recovery of internal, national and whole-healing. This year will leave no one behind in its efforts to overthrow the darkness of 2020, giving birth to a new reign.  The year of restoration is among us!


I can witness in my vision that fulfilling new cycles, ends to old cycles such as: jobs, relationships and or environments. This change allows us to accept a new and more fruitful future available. This is now the perfect time to focus highly on the law of attraction and the energy of prosperity, abundance and faith! A year to start new businesses, new relationships, new homes. It’s now your time to shine!


To discover clarity; access healing or seek personal guidance for the year, connect with me here on Psychic Txt. I am honored to be here helping us through this lovely journey. Connect with Shawn P today on the Psychic Txt app.


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