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Season Change to Winter

Season Change to Winter

The longest night of the year occurs on December 21. This is the day which has the shortest duration of sunlight and the longest night of darkness. It is a transition, emerging from the darkness into the journey back to the warmth of the sun. Despite what some may think, the season of winter is all about rebirth. After the winter solstice, each new day is a little longer, blessing us with more light.

Light from the Darkness

From Autumn to the winter solstice, the focus is on reflection and shadow work. We turn to our inner complexities and discover ourselves on a whole new level. We contemplate where our past and present are intertwined and what brought us to the path we tread today. December 12th’s  full moon in Gemini brought to light the parts of our past which needed cleansing and releasing. You may have been in contact with lovers from the past, old patterns of anxiety or stress, or feelings of an impending change coming. The reason why this moon brought these skeletons out of the closet is so that we can clean it and start with a new spiritual wardrobe.

Personal Transformation Journey

As the journey of the sun becomes longer, the focus begins to shift. We take in these deep and profound lessons from our introspection and feel the stirrings of personal transformation. This is where true empowerment lies- in using our discoveries for personal growth. What no longer works in our current lives? What can we change about our routines, career, finances, education, spiritual path, self love, love lives? How can we begin this process? Simply choose a category and start planning! With the approach of the New Year, this is prime time energetically for planning. 

Practical Application-How can I plan?

I like to use a planner, it doesn’t have to be fancy, and write out an intention for each week. This could be anything from an inspiring quote to a list, to a sticker representing the energy of the changes you want to make. For instance, if you know you need to start showing yourself more self-love, put a sticker of a heart on your planner page either for a specific day, week, or month. I also write in important astrological events like full moons, eclipses, and new moons. Personally, I try to include several intentions per month but never all in one week. For example, Monday may be for meditation, Wednesday will be journal writing, and Thursday will be budgeting. If I do not manage to meet the expectation, I simply move the intention to another day. This holds you accountable but still gives you some wiggle room to miss a deadline if something comes up. I also use Sunday nights to quickly plan for the week ahead. 

Coming up with your own planning system is part of the fun! If you don’t like planners, a simple post it note or list on your phone can be an alternative. 

Vision boards are a beautiful visual way to portray your long term goals. Simply buy a cork board, secure to the wall, and pin post cards, magazine cutouts, photographs, or any other pieces of paper which capture the image of your goals or inspire you to make positive changes in your life.

Self-improvement journal- You could use a journal to keep track of your thoughts about self-improvement and record the steps you’ve taken. Bullet journals are great for this also! 

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