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Selection Of Girl Baby Names with Numerology: A Guide to Know

Selection Of Girl Baby Names with Numerology: A Guide to Know

When it comes to choosing a baby girl’s name, there are a lot of things that come to mind. What is the meaning of the baby girl’s name? Will there be any impact of a name on life? Well, selecting a name for your newborn baby girl is a tough task. These days, most people prefer keeping a girl baby’s name with numerology. A name based on numerology is important as it adds positive traits in your child. Also, having the right name can make a lot of difference in your kid’s every aspect of life.

Keep on reading to know how to keep a lucky name for your baby girl with the help of numerology.

Calculation of the numerology number for a baby girl’s name

The first thing that you need to know while keeping the name of your baby girl is her lucky number.

Mainly, there are two approaches that can be used for calculating name numbers. This includes the Kabbalah System and Chaldean Numerology System.  In the Chaldean system, the number value will be from 1 to 9. If you’re using the Kaballah system, the number will be assigned from 1 to 8.

Determining the numerology baby girl’s name is easy as it can be done in two ways. To find out the numerological value of any child’s name, simply add the numeric values of every letter of the name. You’ll get two digits as a final number. Simply, by adding these two numbers, you can get to know the lucky number for the baby girl’s name.

While calculating, if the final digits are 11 or 22, these two digits won’t get added. Both of these numbers have special energies because of which you cannot add them.

Let’s understand how numerology has given a number to each alphabet:

·         1: A, J, S

·         2: B, K, T

·         3: C, L, U

·         4: D, M, V

·         5: E, N, W

·         6: F, O, X

·         7: G, P, Y

·         8: H, Q, Z

·         9: I, R

Know the traits of each number for baby girl numerology

Baby girl’s name’s association with Number 1 indicates inner strength and independent qualities.

The child with the Number 2 name numerology is supportive and friendly.

Number 3 baby girl name numerology indicates the skill of articulation in kids.

The kid with the Number 4 name numerology is strong and hard-working. These kids believe in putting effort into whatever they are doing.

Number 5 is linked with the qualities of positive energy and brilliance

Children with the Number 6 are responsible and have a closeness with their family and parents.

Kids with the Number 7 name numerology represent the skill of self-reliance and curiosity.

Girl babies with number 8 are achievers and confident.

Number 9 in the baby girl’s name numerology indicates that the child is selfless and empathetic.


It’s crucial to keep a girl baby’s name with numerology as it helps in instilling several good qualities and energy in the baby’s traits. From the above, it’s clear how you can find the lucky number and keep the baby’s name accordingly as per numerology. To get an insight into baby girl name numerology, refer to the Psychictxt app.