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Self Realization

Self Realization

When one realizes there is no end no beginning, no time, and absolutely no grip; no sense, and everything is constantly wavering within the multiplicity of reality. 
When we assume we are divided that our being is not connected to the outer reality. We go about our daily life not realizing and ever touching this truth of non-dualism. Of moksha or enlightenment. Known also as a release and  instantaneous  awakening known in Zen Buddhism of satori ( sudden awakening ) 
This is true when we are touching the truth of reality we can see it within ourselves. We need no book no religion or faith only need to close our eyes for a moment to witness the divinity. the great existential miracle of this moment. 
When we as human beings realize that we are in touch and in tune with the interbeing nature of all that is. We lose our inability in that moment to exist with suffering. We immediately remove suffering and no longer continue to give it a chance to survive. We realize that no suffering no birth and no existence inherently is present when we look deeply within nature in the essence of our inner being. We are in essence all that is and all that is is in us.
A complexity that represents both inner and outer world as we explore our inner world through meditation and deep contemplation. We are practicing an ancient technique known as self inquiry. In Hinduism this is a powerful yoga practice in which we are sitting down for a moment and closing our eyes. Asking our self with eyes completely focused on our inner awareness questions such as “ who am I truly “ and not allowing yourself to get lost within the playing voices of your personality or emotions that rise and fall. Or the illusory Projections. 
When you focus on the being that is beyond the thought and the emotion the being that is beyond the experience and the experiences. That would just be on the outer and inner world and that which also combines all of them. When you begin to awaken to your true nature you were instantaneously connected to all of yourself and no longer feel a sense of worry or stress or angst or even a need to perpetuate continuous ideas or goals. One simply exists within a moment of peace realizing that you are all that is you are the ultimate goal of reality and you are the ultimate existence of this planet and this realm.
This is the reality in which you are continuously growing and existing. Becoming an evolution airy connection to growth. You were transcending as well as awakening. it is powerful when one turns into the spiritual power within their self. Looking at themselves within like a mirror of a reflected image. Knowing that you are able to clear yourself through this meditative practice in fact.
Through realization and self inquiry; you were able to find the truth of what it means to be connected to all things. You may ask what is the point of all of this anyway. Well it is interesting to know that we have an option in this life to check out of the suffering, angst and the constant desire to set new goals and aspirations, to constantly be bombarded with thoughts and consumption. This is a momentary existential moment where we can exit this temple realm of suffering in delusion.

This is a dimension of peace, a realm of dharma. We can access this point whenever we are suffering and wish to inquire about the truth in which we know is real. Without knowing we suffer and we question those who may think they know such as religious leaders- but this is a powerful method in which we take literature which is inspired by the practice of wisdom. This is an attempt to help an individual aspire to the true nature of our reality. So we are divine beings blessed here in some form or another in the plethora of our reality living with other myriad of beautiful creations. We are one among many and we are all at the same time. I am happy to say that this is something we can all continue to be aware of as we turn into awareness and mindfulness and self inquiry.
If you find yourself suffering in life and want to find a moment to access this temporary suffering you may practice self inquiry mentioned in this article. No need to practice anything else simply sit down and close your eyes and practice contemplating on your own being; the essence of what is within and what is. Do not label it as the brain or the body; do you not even liable it is your self or the ego. No good no bad no labels. Simply exist in it momentary second of peace and liberation touching the dee drop of dharma.

We know that in this moment we can contemplating complex fire our living situation to make our life suffer or to make our life peaceful. We have a cosmic an internal choice to make our life what it is. So we are suffering we must somehow sub do with the suffering; tonight thrash with the suffering as to subdue it. It was due by the sensation of giving in. Of bringing awareness to the suffering and saying I acknowledge you and I love you. You will soon realize that you merge into the same example of Citori. A sense of merging with what is the great Dharma and the great cosmic underlying energy of all that is. You will be aware of any pain that may be in the presence of the body. Yeah the mind, body and spirit all will be in unison helping you to be free in the moment tuning in to the great wheel of dharma great release of suffering.

I hope that this has really allowed one to inquire within themselves within the purpose of their reality. If they are not meant to suffer you were not meant to be unhappy but you were meant to be a peaceful joyous person even if you were suffering you were not meant to shift the situation but to just be happy in the moment even if it is painful. Soon it will change and soon you’ll be happy again remember that everything is temporal and not exactly existing in a formal concrete viewpoint. But it is a wave of constant transition that you are a part of you are the wave you are the cloud and you are the earth.
Simply live in the unison that is provided by closing the eyes and inquiring within you will be able to witness this and a tune yourself to the divinity that is. You may call it by any name you please but it is there with you always.
If you seek the guidance and clarity and feel that you were lost in your life then do not fret. For I am happy to be here for you anytime that you need guidance and clarity. Feel free to seek out personal spiritual guidance, spiritual counseling and any esoteric knowledge that you need on your developing journey. You are not alone and I am happy to always be here if you need me feel free to reach out to me!

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