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Signs Of a Toxic Relationship

Signs Of a Toxic Relationship

By: Advisor Desiree

It’s likely that we’ve all found ourselves in a toxic relationship at one point without even knowing it, whether it be in love, family or friendships.

The first sign of being in such a negative relationship is losing your sense of self. If a relationship changes you it should be for the better – in a much more positive direction rather than constantly feeling like you are having to hold yourself back.

Does it feel like your always giving and never receiving anything in return? 

Maybe you’re also the one who is doing all of the initiating when it comes to contact and communication. Try to take a step back for a week or so and if you don’t hear anything from your significant other it can be a sign of being in a toxic relationship.

Dealing with constant mistrust or jealousy? Not talking through your worries or insecurities can lead to a very negative and toxic relationship, being in a relationship without trust will only lead to more negativity and emotional distance.

Love is not supposed to feel restricted so being in a controlling relationship will also bring unhappiness and pain emotionally. Feeling guilty over spending time with family or friends and watching your significant other becoming angry easily over this can also be a sign of being in a toxic relationship. You deserve your freedom as well!

I know it’s not always easy to see the signs because it happens slowly within a relationship but focusing on the past and always trying to get back to how the relationship used to be is also a sign of being in a toxic relationship.

Moving forward from a toxic relationship can be just as difficult as being in one, but learning to relax and gaining emotional freedom will get you through the pain and difficulties.

It’s important to take time to grieve and to gain strength in letting go of all that negativity. Dating right away can sometimes just create the same toxic cycle again.  Remember to never hold back your wants and needs in a future relationship and remember your significant other should want to hear from you and will never make you feel guilty for the amount of communication you expect. It’s a two way street and both people should be equally involved.

It’s important to be open and honest in a future relationship about your wants, needs and expectations. You must not let the energy of your past relationship make you feel demanding or as if your expecting too much because your not!

Sometimes it can feel impossible to move on from a toxic relationship, but the sooner you notice the signs the easier it can be to move on and find the truth path that you deserve.



I know it’s not always easy to accept that you can be in a toxic and painful relationship, but I am here to help you with my spirit guides and compassion to help you grow and move forward to find your path of happiness.  If you need to find out if it’s time to move on, I will be here to guide you. 


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