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Celebrating the Summer Solstice June 2020

26.06.2020 in Empowerment, Love, Personal Development, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Spirituality


The Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer’s Night, or Litha, is the longest day of the year and when the Sun reaches its peak in the Northern hemisphere. It marks the onset of Summer, and the days that follow become shorter as the Sun begins to wane. It is a celebration of light and abundance before the hard work ahead harvesting crops.

The Sun is believed to hold powerful energy for regeneration, renewal, and self-reflection. You can celebrate this light and natural event by engaging in one or all of the following activities:

  • Watch the Sunrise.

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Uses for Rose Quartz

08.06.2020 in Empowerment, Healing, Love, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Spirituality, Stress Management

Uses for Rose Quartz the stuff you know, and the stuff you don’t!


Hi everyone, I’m Katherine an advisor here on PsychicTxt! And today I’d like to talk to you about rose quartz.

Most people think rose quartz is just used for romance issues, but did you know it can be used for all different types of relationships? Even the relationship we have with our self!


Yes, it’s great for our romantic relationships, when put under a pillow or carried close to your heart, it can help to attract true love and desire.

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Corona Virus – When will it end?

30.04.2020 in 2020, 2020 Predictions, Astrology, Healing, Love, Personal Development, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Spirituality, Stress Management



The most talked-about Corona Virus started in the city of Wuhan in China. All the experts in the world are trying to work on finding a cure for this deadly virus. Can astrology help in finding reasons and preventive measures to be taken by when it will be eradicated?


If we look at it from an astrology standpoint, the presence of coronavirus taking the form of pandemic is not a mere coincidence but special astrological reasons are available behind it. In astrology, both Rahu and Ketu are considered to be the planets of diseases and hidden diseases due to infection of bacteria or viral  infection.

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20.04.2020 in Astrology, Empowerment, Healing, Health, Horoscope, Life Path, Life Skills, Love, Personal Development, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Spirituality, Stress Management


Coronavirus has spread its wings in the entire world and this phase has got intensified from February 2020.  As confirmed by medical experts and WHO, the new Coronavirus is a respiratory virus which spreads primarily through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or through droplets of saliva or discharge from the nose. We look at astrological angle as to how this Coronavirus has spread and affected the entire globe.

Jupiter and Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius sign in the month of November 2019 was a triggering point for this virus. Ketu is taken for virus and Jupiter signifies life force.

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New Moon March 24th 2020

23.03.2020 in 2020, 2020 Predictions, Life Skills, Love, New Moon, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Tarot, Tarotscope

March 24th, just four days after the Vernal, or Spring equinox, there is a new moon in the sign of Aries. The energy around this new moon will be energetic, fiery, and full of new possibilities. This is the perfect time to focus on fresh starts, beginning new projects, and taking action steps towards personal goals.
This is good news as we move out of the slow stillness of winter, and into the brighter and warmer days of spring.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and known as the pioneer. When the moon is in Aries, one area to focus on and pay attention to is the physical body.


Effects Of Mercury Retrograde

02.03.2020 in 2020, 2020 Predictions, Astrology, Empowerment, Healing, Health, Holidays, Love, Personal Development, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Self Love, Soulmate, Spirituality, Stress Management, Tarot, Tarotscope, Twin Flame

Have you been feeling a bit down maybe tired? Maybe just a bit confused emotionally but your not sure why. Well, this past Feb 17th mercury has been in retrograde and won’t transition back until March 10th. Now I know some of you may know retrograde affects business transactions and finances, but it can also affect your Muladhara Chakra or better know as the root chakra. the effect this has is on many different aspects of your life as well as your confidence. Your strength and also your grounded sense. so you may feel set back or just a bit different,


Personal Year According to Numerology

23.02.2020 in Astrology, Healing, Horoscope, Life Path, Love, Manifestation, Personal Development, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Tarot, Twin Flame

To find your personal year, take the month you were born, the day you were born and add them to the current year. reduce the numbers to a single digit.. this represents your personal year and I will show you where you are within a cycle of 9 years..
For example, you are born on
20  March 1988
To calculate your personal year for 2020 you have to add
20+3+2020 = 2+3+(2+0+2+0)=2+3+4=9
So this year will be your 9 number personal year.
Now I will tell you personal care numbers 1 to will they go for you so that you can take your decisions accordingly.


Phases of moon affect on Our Relationships

17.02.2020 in Empowerment, Healing, Love, Personal Development, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Spirituality, Stress Management


Today we are going to talk about the phases of the moon and how this has an effect on our soulmates and partners.
this past Feb 9th the full moon has transitioned into Leo. like this sighs animal symbol counterpart the loin is confident strong and free leos energy in this full moon will bring
a steady stream of positive energy for you and your partners. the full moon brings the release of anxiety and stress.
maybe you and your partner have not been open with your hearts to each other.


Attracting Love Into Your Life

07.02.2020 in Love, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Self Love, Soulmate, Tarot, toxic relationship, Twin Flame, Valentine's Day

One of the most common questions that I am asked is, “How do I attract love into my life?” Attracting love does not have to be difficult. There are steps that you can take to make it easier to attract love. There is no need to obsess over it but there is also a need for action. If you are not actively seeking more love in your life, you may not find it. The universe needs to know that you are ready for it and that you are willing to put some work into it. 

One of the first steps to attracting love,

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How To Get The Best Psychic Reading This Valentine’s Day

05.02.2020 in 2020, 2020 Predictions, Empowerment, Gratitude, Healing, Love, Manifestation, Positive Thinking, Psychic Readings, Psychics, Relationships, Self Love, Soulmate, Spring, Tarot, Tarotscope, toxic relationship, Twin Flame, Valentine's Day

Let me help you receive the BEST relationship reading this Valentines season!   Did you know that how you prepare for a psychic reading or healing is almost as important as how your facilitator prepares for the session? Yes the alchemy of healing and channeled guidance is actually a TWO way process- not a one way process. A reader can only help you to the extent that you are open to them too. If you feel closed off and a sense of mistrust even before booking in- your reading will most likely be a very bad experience for you.