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The Politics of Covid-19

The Politics of Covid-19

2020 has been a year that will never be forgotten and with the uncertainties and isolation brought upon the world during this global pandemic, a lot of truths have come to light that have become more difficult to ignore. From the hypocrisy of government officials to the exposure of media propaganda and some of the negative effects in can have on the masses, it can be hard to know who to trust or what to believe anymore, but even closed up in our homes, trying to keep ourselves, and everyone else, safe, we have all had to find our own, unbiased truth amid the seas of lies and mixed messages forced upon us by governments and media sources. This is truly the dawning of the age of Aquarius and this turbulence is meant to bring humanity together as a whole and see through the lies and unite us all for the common purpose of equality to all and enlightening the human race as a whole.

     I am not negating the huge impact the Coronavirus has had on the world, but to shed light on the hypocrisy that world governments have shown in their responses to it have caused so many people to lose faith in the leaders who are supposed to represent and protect the best interests of humanity.

     The leaders and authorities who are elected to bring focus to our best interests at heart are proving, time and again, to be hypocritical and inconsistent in the messages they are pushing and have left the people with more confusion and uncertainty as a result. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on December 21st 2020 will bring even more abuses of power to light and the world will see an even deeper aspect of the corruption that has been happening for so long now.

     The point of this reckoning is to show everyday people that just because someone has titles and degrees, they are all still human beings and that nobody is infallible. We have given so much power and faith to humans that we are reaping the consequences of it daily and this new age will bring that into question and show us truth beyond badges, degrees, or egomania. In effect, humans will take back the power they’ve given to these people higher up and question the motives of those whose actions don’t back up their words.

     This is going to be quite a ride for everyone in the world and there is definitely a potential for conflict and turbulence ahead, but we will get through this and will unite as the human race because all of the attempts to categorize and assign us into subgroups is only dividing us in the end. This will be a huge turning point for the world and just like every curveball that has been thrown our way, we will get through it and come out stronger as a group. For the betterment of mankind. We truly are all in this together. Let’s actually be there for one another. Connect with Reed today on Psychic Txt app.


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