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The Presidential Election 2020 – Prediction From the Tarot

The Presidential Election 2020 – Prediction From the Tarot

Greetings to you, wherever you are in the world! With the presidential election looming on the 3rd of November, many American citizens—and their non-American neighbours—are eager to learn the outcome of this highly-anticipated event. It goes without saying, 2020 has been a challenging year. Who will the American people elect as their president?


As a PsychicTxt advisor, I read into situations using my intuition. There isn’t exactly a formula to this; logically, I don’t know why I’m drawn to a certain feeling or impression about a situation, but I go with it. It’s a bit like knowing that pizza is your favourite food. It’s delicious… but why is it delicious? You just know it is. I often see images or ‘hear’ names, words or numbers. These are subtle—just like a daydream.

Of course, I love my cards! I have several Tarot and oracle decks. Not only are these incredibly fun to use, they clarify my readings and help to add depth, in the same way illustrations do in a book. I read them almost entirely intuitively; meaning, I allow the images and symbology in the cards to speak to me and confirm what I’m picking up on, or reveal information, in any given situation. I believe my spirit guides or Higher Self ‘point’ at pictures, ‘Look, Zoe! This is what we want to tell you!’

My intuition calls Trump as the election winner. For further details, I will demonstrate a choice spread I use. This is ideal when there are two (or more) options and a decision to be made. At the very top, we have significator cards: these represent our two contenders, Biden (left) and Trump (right). In this case, they are people (kings). Don’t worry—they don’t necessarily look like them, and they don’t need to. This is purely symbolic!

Below Biden and Trump are outcome cards. They show the most likely outcome and election winner. In this case, the cards support my hunch: Trump. Note the knight, gallantly riding on horseback and holding his wand with pride. It reminds me of when an Olympic sprinter holds his baton up high as he victoriously crosses the finish line. For Biden, on the other hand, things aren’t looking so good. The Ace of Swords is in reverse, it’s pointing down. I literally see this as a defeat (like in a sword fight). It’s a severance, ‘You live by the sword, you die by the sword.’ Notice the crown—a symbol of power and leadership—being upside down, slipping away.

Further below that are clarification cards (x 3 each); these explain the possible reasons behind the results and what’s motivating Americans to make their choice. The Hermit is a loner. He follows his own path of isolation. But see how it’s in reverse? To me, this shows that people are tired of isolation, tired of only being able to see only a couple of steps in front of them. I feel strongly that this relates to the current COVID-19 guidelines. It seems people will opt for Trump and have faith that he will get the country moving again and implement a more effective, long-term solution to the pandemic that’s separate from social distancing or a quarantine. Eerily, the 10 of Swords in Biden’s pile echoes his outcome card—defeated, the end, death (OF THE ELECTION BATTLE—NOT LITERALLY. GOSH!).

There’s a synchronicity here: the 8 of Cups in Trump’s pile and the 6 of Swords in Biden’s pile. Both indicate travel and movement, but in Biden’s pile, the 6 of Swords is upside down, suggesting that he wants to hold back on getting the country moving again. This could also indicate that people fear another lockdown—and they want the opposite. In stark contrast, the 8 of Cups in Trump’s pile also shows movement, travel and ‘onwards and upwards’. This points towards Trump encouraging the opposite (or convincing people that he will), doing whatever he can to avoid another lockdown. It also suggests that whilst in power, Trump will soon want to re-open the borders to Canada, Europe and other countries—a move that could be vital to the USA’s economy and indeed, the rest of the world.

Lastly, take a look at the page (symbolizing a child) holding a coin (or pentacle) in Biden’s pile. We have another relationship between this card and the 4 of Coins by Trump. I feel this indicates that Trump has more resources, more power, more tricks up his sleeve… or he gives that impression… as opposed to Biden, who’s offering up his one and only coin. Perhaps he is considered less steadfast or prepared by the majority. Weirdly, the traditional meaning of the of 4 of Coins shows a businessman, a politician and a conservative. Given Trump’s position and history, this is more Spirit-given confirmation that Trump has the edge (since it’s appeared in his pile).

It’s important to bear in mind: future events are not precisely mapped out. At least, that’s my school of thought. What a reading will do is reflect how a situation is *most likely* to turn out, and it will highlight any weaker areas and strengths to help achieve the desired outcome. That’s why psychic or intuitive gifts, sadly, do not reveal lottery numbers!

From all of us at Psychic Txt, we want you to stay safe and well this autumn. 🍁 🎃




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